Munich; more than Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is the World’s largest Volksfest (Beer Festival), held in Munich, Germany, and it is currently  in its final week of celebrations.

Every year Millions of people flock to the Capital of Bavaria to drink Beer, join in with the folk celebrations and fairground attractions.

It is a festival now replicated all over the World from Brisbane to Brighton and everywhere in between.


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However, what if you’re done with drinking Beer and eating a Bratwurst? You can actually go and explore the city of course!

I found myself in Munich earlier this year, on my tour of Germany and Austria, when the city itself was as busy and alive as it is likely to be around this time of year. I loved it, and found that there was so much to do. I found out that Munich is so much more than Oktoberfest! 

So if you’ve found yourself in Munich, for Oktoberfest, or at another time; here are some sights you should check out.

The view from St Peter’s Tower 13340237_469816049881787_1641952014018565075_o

I’ve always loved the city from a good view point. So when I heard about the view you get from St Peter’s tower, I was on it. At a mere 2 Euro entrance fee, and just a few steps (about 300!) to climb, you’ll get what is probably one of the best views in the city.

St Peter’s church is the oldest in Munich, and you’ll get a great sight of all the beautiful red roofed buildings.

Check out the Olympic Park (OlympiaPark) 



Of all the Olympics in the World that have come and gone. Some countries have chosen to utilise the land and stadiums for the benefit of the community and those that visit the city.  The Olympiapark in Munich one of those that have used the land well. With a huge green space surrounding. It is a great place to relax and rest after trekking around the city.


Olympia park  offers guided tours, and has adventurous activities such as a roof walk, abseiling and a flying fox. There is a Sealife Centre, and (if you can fit in more Beer), a traditional Beer garden. So plenty to keep you entertained for a while.

For motor enthusiasts, the BMW museum is right next to the Park, and worth a wander around

Marvel at the Nymphenburg Palace 


Although quite a trek away the Nymphenburg Palace is worth the travel to. The Palace is also known as the Castle of the Nymph, and when I heard that, I knew I needed to visit, as I just love Castles!

13568773_577331433247_814850202264699011_oThe Palace is 15th century Baroque palace, built as a summer residence for the former rulers of Bavaria. It has an incredible Lake and beautiful gardens surrounding it


If you would like a tour of the palace this will cost you 11 Euro 50 during summer months, or 8 Euro 50 after October 16th.

You can explore the Palace grounds for free, if you do not wish to fork out for a tour – which is what I did, and it was just as enjoyable.



Explore the artsy side of Munich 



Munich has a fair few museums of Art, but you don’t necessarily need to go to them to appreciate it. Around the city are displays of art, from street art and murals, to a metal hanging globe the the Fünf Höfe Mall in the city.



Food: Beyond the Currywurst 


If you’re in Munich and are done with having a Currywurst everyday, then you should check out some other traditional foods.

German is very ‘meat heavy’ but what you will be served is delicious. Most tradtional meals are meat, with dumplings and sauerkraut; admittedly not to everyones taste, but worth trying once in your life.

Visiting Munich 


Munich is an easily accessible city, with great rail and bus links from various countries, and a great airport with cheap flights from most UK cities. There is an exceptional U-Bhan system (metro), run with German efficiency, which makes it super easy to get around.


It really is a perfect spot for all types of travellers from backpackers to elderly couples to German weekenders escaping their home city.


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