Fiji: tips for travellers

Fiji: tips for travellers

(Backdated entry. Written in December 2012) As I write this, a huge storm: cyclone Evan is battling through Fiji, after having destroyed a lot of places in Samoa. Storms and floods affected Fiji the previous year and it really saddens me to see this happen again, as the people in Fiji really are not as well off as those in the Western world.   Throughout my time in...

Flashpacking in Fiji at the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

Fiji is often looked at as a bit of a paradise island. Somewhere that honeymooners would go, or families from neighbouring countries such as Australia and New Zealand. As I was living in Christchurch, and it was approaching Winter, I felt that I needed a dose of sun, and researched into getting myself to Fiji. I got some cheap flights, thanks to Air New...

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