About the blog

Life in a Rucksack is long running travel blog, which I started in 2011 when I packed up my life in England and moved to New Zealand. I realised that it was too beautiful not to share with others. My journey has continued on from there, and since then, I have went on to travel to over 50 countries.

The aim of this blog is to inspire others to Go, Do and Be.

Go to places you’ve never been to, that intrigue you, or you know little about

Do it like the locals do, and do things that challenge you.

Be the person you want to be; not who others say you should be.

My content is authentic, and written in my own words, without influence, and I offer my readers:

  • Travel and photography tips and inspiration
  • Destination & food guides
  • Personal travel experiences 
  • Opinions & Reviews
The Small Print

I travel frequently, as it is my passion, and the majority of my trips are fully paid for, planned and researched by me. If I have been commissioned by a tourist board, hotel or company to provide content on my blog, during a trip, this will be indicated in my blog posts.  I write honestly, and wish to provide readers my genuine thoughts; only promoting aspects of travel that I truly believe in.

All content, including written and visual are copyrighted to me, unless otherwise stated. If you wish to link back to an article on this site, please fully credit me.

From time to time, photographic content on this blog is provided by my husband who is a freelance photographer. Chris travels with me most of the time. In these instances, Chris is credited.

You can find him on Instagram: @Chrisjphotography

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