Fiji: tips for travellers

(Backdated entry. Written in December 2012)

As I write this, a huge storm: cyclone Evan is battling through Fiji, after having destroyed a lot of places in Samoa. Storms and floods affected Fiji the previous year and it really saddens me to see this happen again, as the people in Fiji really are not as well off as those in the Western world.


Throughout my time in Fiji, learnt things along the way, and wish I new about them before I left. So here are my top 5 tips for those who are travelling (backpacking) to Fiji:


  1. You cannot drink the tap water in Fiji as it is not purified to the standard that our water is. You shouldn’t even use it to clean your teeth with. Therefore, bottled water is invaluable.

  2. If staying on an island, or island hopping, try to bring as much drinks and snacks as you can from the mainland. A bottle of water (Fiji water) will cost up to $8 for 1.5L, but on the mainland you can get 3 litres for around $3-4.

  3. Most resorts work on a tab system with both drinks/snacks and activities, so it is quite helpful to keep track of what you are spending. I kept a record on the notepad on my phone and was roughly correct. That way you don’t get a bit of a scare when you get to the end of your stay.

  4. Insect repellent is essential in Fiji. Whack a load of it on around 6pm, as well as spraying on yourself before bed, this will usually keep them away. I think I only got one bite in my entire stay.

  5. The sun is a lot stronger than in the Northern hemisphere, but much like in New Zealand and Australia. Sun cream/sun bloc is essential. I got burnt within 10 minutes in the sun.








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