Staying hydrated as you travel with the B on 1 water bottle

If waterholic was a word, then I am sure I would be one. 

For those that know me, will notice that I am never too far from my water bottle (that and a good cup of tea!)

Water makes up most of what I drink in a day, and is important for both physical and mental functioning.

As I travel frequently, I am always on the lookout for a good solid and easy to use drink bottle, to have on the go.

Over the years, I have used various plastic bottles, that have invariably broken, or ended up getting cracked and getting unpleasant tastes and smells in them.

So when I heard about the B on 1 water bottle, which is made from glass. I was intrigued, and had to get one to try for myself.

The B on 1 bottle was delivered to me really quickly, and was packaged well in a neat, and bright little box  – so inviting and colourful, that I couldn’t wait to get into it.

The bottle comes in 2 colours – Green/Orange or Grey. I got the brightly coloured Orange one, as colour often inspires me in my day, and I feel it is a great reminder when you see it sitting to the side of you to keep drinking more.


I’ve had the bottle for about 1 week now, and feel that this has given me enough time to get a feel for it and get across my opinion to my readers.

Before I got the bottle, I had a few queries about it, but now I have had the chance to use it, I feel I can adequately answer these.

Its made from glass – isn’t it heavy?


The B on 1 bottle is made from premium grade borosilicate glass, which although will be heavier than your average BPA free plastic bottle, it doesn’t feel like a solid lump, or difficult to carry around. Even when full to the top, it is easy to lift and drink from,

Benefits of a glass bottle 

  • The glass gives it is lovely clean and fresh look.
  • It is easily cleaned (and can go in the dishwasher!)
  • It doesn’t leave nasty tastes that can often happen with plastic bottles
  • It keeps the water much cooler than a plastic bottle does
  • Better for the environment. Despite the ability to recycle (not everyone does). One glass bottle can do you for life (I dread to think how many plastic bottles I have bought over the years!)

How big is the bottle?



The bottle has a capacity of 600 ml, and is a tall and thin design, which means it can fit in most cup holders in cars, or bottle cage on a bicycle for example.

Filter System 



As well as being uniquely designed; the bottle comes with a smart little filter system. So if you’re not great with drinking plain old water, you can add fruits as natural flavourings to help it go down well.

Lime, lemon, kiwi and strawberry is my current favourite combination, and the smart thing about the filter system is that you’ll get the taste of the fruit, but the filter will stop it getting out of the top of the bottle.


Cost of the B on 1 bottle 

Getting your hands of a B on 1 bottle is easy. It can be ordered online for £17.99  + £2.99 UK shipping, or up to £8.19 for Worldwide shipping.

Overall I think it is a great cost effective option for a drinks bottle. Considering a 500ml bottle in a shop will cost you on average £1.25 these days.

If you’re in the business for a new drink bottle, then I’d give this one a go. It’ll give you a fresh perspective on drinking water!



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