Why you should visit Berchtesgaden, Germany

Sometimes, it’s not the places that are well known and popular that make an impression on you. It’s the lesser known spots; which you may not have heard of that leave you speechless and wanting to stay there forever. 

That’s what happened when I stayed in Berchtesgaden, Germany; a small town on the border of Austria. 

My reason for going there was not because I had seen several photos of it on Instagram, or that it had been raved about, but that I had won a hotel stay through the awesome girls at travelettes. 


When this happened, immediately was elated, then said “hang on where is Berchtesgaden”. 

I had no expectations for the trip, and that in itself was the winner for me.

Sometimes when we have expectations of a location, and if they aren’t met, we can dismiss the country as being not up to scratch.

However, if you travel to any destination with an open mind, and one which is ready to see the country for what it is. You’ll have a great time. 

If you are in the south of Germany, or planning a trip there you should definitely check out Berchtesgaden. 

Here’s why

It’s got awesome Lakes


Lake Königssee in Berchtesgaden has been quoted to be Germany’s most beautiful Apline Lake, and during my trip, I  saw why. With mountains as its backdrop, and crystal clear waters, it was hard not to fall in love.

You can choose to visit the area of Königssee and have a look at the Lake. However, I’d really reccmmend taking a boat trip along the Lake, and getting a closer look at it. You can hop off on the trip and get to see the Church of Saint Bartholomew, one of the most photographed parts of the Lake itself.


It’s got majestic Mountains 


As Berchtesgaden borders Austria, the Alps surround it, and you can’t help but be in Awe as you open your curtains to the view.

During my time in Berchtesgaden, I got a chance to explore the Mountains in greater depth, as I took a tour up to the Eagles Nest, which has a vast history into Adolf Hitler’s doings. It gives you a great insight into that period of time, as well as an incredible view of the town of Berchtesgaden below.


It will slow your pace down and help you rest


Berchtesgaden is famous for hiking trails, and so when in the area you can be quite active, if you wish to be. However, it is also a very slow paced and quiet area, so if you are needing some serious R&R, then you can get it here.

During my trip, I had been ill the week prior, and so being here helped me slow down, and get some proper rest.


At just 30 minutes from Salzburg in Austria, and 1.5 hours from Munich; Berchtesgaden makes a very good stop off point for any trip in this part of the World, and I would highly recommend it.

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