The Sound of Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria; it’s hills are alive with the sound of Mozart?!
However, what if your ears are not finely turned to the sound of the Piano Concerto No.24, and you’d rather say ‘so long, farewell’ to the Sound of Music? Is a trip to the city which sits on the border of Germany, by the Eastern Alps worth a visit?
I’d say yes.
Salzburg, Austria: More than Mozart
Salzburg, Austria: More than Mozart
Whether or not music is your thing, Salzburg, which is just 1.5 hours from the easily accessible and affordable city (at least to fly into) of Munich in Germany, and has a whole host of things to see and do.
During my trip around the region, I spent a few days in the musical city, and loved it. It had wonderful architecture, beautiful gardens, and a great transport system to carry you around the place.
If you’re planning on visiting Salzburg, you may want to check out the following sights:
1. Monchsberg Aufzug Lift
This attraction combines an incredible view over the city, as well as housing the Museum of Modern Art, so if you’re into art and want a good view of the city, then this place is your best bet. However, one ticket does not grant you entry into both venues. A ticket for the lift will cost you 8 euros and the modern art 6 euros, but you can buy a combine ticket which will cost you 12 euros, so you’ll save yourself a few euros if you buy a combined ticket.
If you are travelling with luggage, or bags there are lockers where you can leave your belongings as you wander around the museum.
2. Red Bull Hangar-7
If you’re into planes, trains and automobiles then the Red Bull Hangar-7 is will be for you.
Situated just outside of Salzburg airport (which in itself is a bit of a trek to get to) is the impressive Hangar-7.
Free entry is granted, and you will get an impressive display of historical aircraft, cars including F1 racing cars, motor cross bikes, stunt planes and helicopters.
Within the Hangr and suspended from the impressive glass roof is a classy wine bar, where you can pretend to be super rich and famous (maybe you already are!) for the evening.
Photographs of the displays within the Hagar are for personal use, and not to be published online, so sadly I cannot share with you how amazing and impressive this place looks, but if you are at all an aviation enthusiast then get yourself here.
However, do check out the website before hand, as sometimes they host private events and close it to the public for a period of time.
3. Hohensalzburg Fortress
The largest in its kind in Europe, and perched high up on a hill; the hohensalzburg fortress is basically like a castle, so I was in my element. It has incredible views of the city from the top, and its architecture is stunning.
A ticket to have a wander around will set you back 12 euros (adult entry), which will allow you access to the main fortress grounds and look out tower, as well as museums.
If you’d like to have a look in at the state rooms, including the impressively named princess apartments and golden hall, this will cost you a little over 15 euro. However, for the frugal travellers out there, access to the state rooms is free of charge, if you arrive before 11am.
A small tram like lift will trek you up the hill to where you can start exploring. You’ll be given a map and an audio guide, in which to make your way around. This is easy to follow, so you shouldn’t get lost.
4. Mirabell Gardens
If heights and planes are not your thing, then perhaps a stroll around the idiallic Mirabell Gardens in the centre of the city will be for you.
Finely manicured lawns, with a beautiful display of flowers, and an inviting water fountain in the middle is a great place for reflection.
 5. Salzburg Cathedral (free entry)
Located in the Old Town, the Salzburg Cathedral is a beautifully quiet space, to spend part of your day. With an impressive ceiling, of intricate architecture, your eyes will be forever looking up.
6. The Markartsteg bridge and the Salzach river 
The Salzach River is fed from the glacier waters of the alps and is an impressive 16km long. You can choose to stroll along the river for some time, from the city outward. It is shaded by tress along the way, and makes for a good escape from the busy city.
The Markartsteg bridge is an impressive bridge that stretches across the river, close to the entrance of the old town, and is the location of choice for those that like to hang the popular love locks.
7. Salzburg Old Town 
Many European cities have an Old Town, and are all delightful. In Salzburg, the Old Town is full of historic buildings, and has beautiful cobbled streets, leading out onto the main square. The Getridegasse has been cited as being one of the loveliest shopping streets in the World
When you’re done in Salzburg, you can hop across the border to the delightful town of Berchtesgaden, to view incredible lakes and get deep into the mountains.

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