GPSmyCity: An App for travel blogs on the go

Whenever I am planning a trip, and more often when I am in a location, my ‘go to’ for information about a location will be a travel blog; of which I have many favourites. Tips written on travel blogs are often written from first hand perspective, and offer truthful, unbiased reviews of places to go and see, what you should spend money on, and what you should be careful to avoid.

Accessing these blogs on the go can be challenging; even with the best of smart phones; trying to scroll through a blog which is not mobile friendly can be frustrating.

This is where GPSmyCity comes in

GPSmyCity is a new company which is launching a blog to app feature, which is an entirely new concept for IOS devices, and I am excited to tell you that I will be partnering with them, so that some of my blogs will be turned into apps for your convenience.


How it works

GPSmyCity offers over 5,000 self guided GPS walks in 700  + cities though the use of blog articles, so that you can “lose yourself without getting lost” wherever you are in the World.

Some of the walks can be country or city specific, such as “Free Walking Tour in Sofia” or may be more specific to an activity within that city.

The app will use GPS on your iPhone to guide you around the city, so as you do not get lost. Along the way you can download an article linked to that location, and can do so using WiFi and use it later when offline, so can start your planning before you get to the destination.


Upgraded Apps Giveaway 

In order to access the article apps on your IOS device, you can download for free the GPSmyCity app in the app store, then from there you can browse all the locations available, and get planning your trip.

For a limited period I am offering a free upgrade on the following articles, so that you can get some first hand experience of it:

Walking the Largest City in South America 
A Weekend Wander to Shakespeare Country, England
Free Walking Tour in Sofia

So now you can try it out first hand, and get my content free to use offline through GPSmyCity.


Upgrade info: Normally an upgrade will cost £1.49 through the App, which will give you all the sights mentioned in the article, including a travel route in which to reach them.

There are also no annoying advertisements in the way in the upgraded version. 


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