Walking over an icon, with UP at the 02

I remember when they built the o2, (or the Millennium Dome, as it was known as then). It was the futuristic dome shaped building, based on the edge of the Thames in North Greenwich, London. 

Open for just 12 months, it was a highly controversial attraction at the time, which housed the Millennium Experience; an exhibition celebrating the third Millennium.

Over the year 2000, the Dome failed to attract visitors to the exhibition and subsequently closed, until it was taken over in 2007 by 02 as a music and entertainment venue, which has grown over the years, with more restaurants opening, a cinema and bowling alley, as well as smaller music venues such as 02 indigo. 

The 02 has played host to a whole heap of talent, including Lionel Ritchie, Muse, Adele and Justin Bieber, to name but a few. 

Aside from the 02 as a music and entertainment venue; it is now attracting some of the more adventurous tourists, with the UP at the 02 experience. An additional attraction added within the past few years.  

UP at the o2 gives the participants the ability to walk over a London icon; something I got to experience recently whilst in London, and can highly recommend it, with the stunning views you get over the city.

Photo shot by Chris Johnson Photography

Walking over a Landmark 

Not many people can claim that they’ve been on top of an actual Landmark. However, after a great safety briefing, and getting suited and booted, I got to take on the challenge of getting to the top, and it was much more difficult than I first anticipated.


The walk UP to the top of the 02 was rather steep, and you were connected via a harness, moving the carabiner connector clip along the metal wiring, which took some patience to master.

The walkway itself felt a little bouncy, and the inner child in me was so tempted to bounce along on it, like a trampoline; but we were told that this is strictly not allowed.

On the walk UP to the top of the 02, you are not permitted to have cameras, or a GoPro, for safety; the only recording devices allowed are pocket sized cameras, or mobile phones, so be mindful of this when planning your trip.

Once at the top, you can celebrate that you made it, and marvel over the wonderful view of the city.



I had a great experience climbing UP at the 02. If you’re at all adventurous, then definitely check it out as a great attraction to visit in London.


Cost of walking UP at the 02 

A ticket for the 90 minute ‘original climb’ experience, will cost you anywhere from £28 to £35 depending on the day you choose to climbing (weekends are a little more expensive). If you are on the 02 phone network however, you usually can get discounts through the 02 priority App, so be sure to check that out before you book.

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