Spotting the Flamingos at Salt Lake, Larnaca, Cyprus

Sometimes visiting a destination in the low season has its advantages. Namely these are less tourists and cheaper accommodation.

Visiting Cyprus in the winter time also meant that we could have the opportunity of seeing some Flamingos.

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The gracious looking pink feathered birds grace the Salt Lake in Larnaca between November and March.

Finding them can be somewhat tricky however, as you never know what area of the lake they will be located in. The salt lake in Larnaca covers a surface area of almost 4,000 acres.

Getting to the lake from Larnaca centre

Access to the lake can be gained at a number of points. We choose to walk through salt lake park.

Initially we wondered if we were in the right location, as it looked quite overgrown and with a lot of waste land. We walked past the barracks, until we saw a glimpse of the lake.

At this point you are faced with a decision of which direction to go in.

We decided to go anti clockwise as we wanted to see the Karmes Aquaduct. So we ended up walking around 3km or so to get there.

As landmarks go, it wasn’t that spectacular.

By that point we were faced with a decision as to whether we walked back on ourselves again (effectively clockwise). However, we had spotted some flamingos further round, so decided to keep going.

It was a long walk and tricky at times as there were areas that were flooded.
I was also wearing flip flops (I never learn!)

When we finally reached the edge of the coast we could see them much more clearly.

We then faced a downhill climb over some rough and swampy type land, getting utterly muddy.

However we finally reached a flatter beach section were we could get a closer shot of the birds.

They were much louder than I was expecting and there were literally hundreds of them.

They were also not a pink as I expected them to be, but still a spectacular sight.

After this, we faced an even longer walk back to a main road. We ended up walking all the way to the airport, as we knew a bus went from there all the way to our hotel.

At the end of it, we did over 10 miles (16 km) – all for a photo (and to see the birds of course).

It did feel really off the beaten track but I think on bikes (mountain bikes for sure) or in a good pair of boots I would have been ok.

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