Four cool places I have stayed

Through my years of travelling, I have loved to stay in a range of different accommodation types depending on the situation, mood or just what seemed the right idea at that particular time. I don’t often do collective posts like this, but looking back I am delighted to have stayed in some truly cool and exciting places with lots of diversity. And hopefully, also a decent night’s sleep. Here are four of my favourites from my journeys so far.

1.Sleeping in a Treehouse in Lake Shkodra Resort, ALBANIA

It had always been a dream of mine to sleep in a treehouse and that was now a reality. I headed to the Balkans on a trip and ended up in little-ventured Albania. It was here that I got my first experience of sleeping in a treehouse.  The treehouse experience was in Shkodra Resort in Albania. What was also cool was that the lake straddles two countries – Albania and Montenegro.

2.Sleeping in a Shipping Container in Foz do Iguacu, BRAZIL

I spent three nights sleeping in the gorgeous Brazilian city of Foz do Iguacu. I was there to see the incredible Iguazu waterfalls nearby. However, I found out about the Tetris Hostel which was basically made up of huge shipping containers so I had to stay here! As you can see from my photos, the entire hostel theme was based around shipping containers. It ranks as one of the coolest places I have stayed. Also by irony, it was also the place where I visited another triple border to Argentina and Paraguay, as well as Brazil of course.

3.Staying in a Barn in Somerset, ENGLAND

I found out about a barn in Somerset where you can sleep over, so again, I had to do it. The barn was wooden and located in a place called Mells. It had its own kitchen, and the rooms were so cosy. It was a truly memorable experience and one I recommend to everyone out there. I love English countryside and to be able to spend a night in a barn was a special moment for me.

4.Camping in Durdle Door, ENGLAND

The idea of camping or glamping has come up a few times on my travels and while it may take a while to understand the actual term “glamping”, it is a growing trend. It kind of stands for “glamorous camping”, which makes sense to me. I headed to the iconic Jurassic Coast of England and stayed overnight for a night of camping in tranquillity. With a lot more adventures to come, I consider Glamping or night trains could be next on my list.

As well as these, two others I have stayed at during my journies have been: Here are a few other interesting places I stayed on my journey:

YHA Eden Project and at Gatwick Airport Yotel.


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