Cave Greco: The blue lagoon of Cyprus

Having researched virtually nothing of Cyprus, which was booked as a wedding anniversary getaway where we hoped to chill in the sun, we found out that there were some stunning caves and a blue lagoon area at the Far Eastern tip of the island.

Greco National Park covers an area of 385 hectares and is home to a variety of bird life, and forest area.

It also has a stunning coast line with crystal clear waters as well as stunning blue ones and caves.

It reminded me a lot of the blue lagoon in Malta, but a little more rugged and less touristy (though that could be because we travelled in the off season).

Getting to Cave Greco 

If you are staying in the Larnaca area, it’s approx a 1 hour journey with 2 buses.
Catch the intercity bus from Larnaca to Ayia Napa and get an all day pass for €7.
Once you get to Ayia Napa, catch the 101 bus toward Cape Greco. This will cost  €1.50 single.

Buses during the week to the caves from Ayia Napa are every 30 minutes and at the weekend are every hour.

You’ll be dropped off at the entry of the caves and the bus driver will likely shout out that this is the stop for Greco.

Just as a note, the bus back is on the opposite side of the road, but is the 102 bus, not 101. Buses are less frequent in the winter than they are in the summer.

Also note: buses won’t always run exactly to time table. The bus to Cape Greco was 10 minutes late and similar on the way back.

To access the caves, it’s a 2km downhill walk to the coast line, and will likely take you 15 minutes or so. It’s a fairly smooth pathway to the edge, then there are a ton of rocks to navigate (not majorly advisable in flip flops – but then I never learn from that mistake).

It was so quiet when we visited with just a handful of other tourists, which was so nice.

We had a little paddle in the clear water and sat on a bench drinking it all in.

If you are in the Larnaca / Ayia Napa area, it’s a definite good day trip to make. It feels slightly more authentic countryside than the bars and tourist tack of the neighbouring towns (can you tell I loved Ayia Napa?)

A deserted Ayia Napa in winter

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