Vietnam Travel 101: How to Get to Halong Bay From Hanoi

How Can I Get There?

You can reach Halong bay from Hanoi by flying into the Noi Bai International airport, which is 40km away of Hanoi (Vietnam’s capital city). From there, you will need to transfer to Halong City, and there are multiple ways to do this.

You can do this by hiring a private car, bus or minivan, with a driver this is an inexpensive option, and the driver will pick you up directly from the airport.

However, it’s not recommended to take a private bus. While it is practically free in price, it’s crowded, takes too many stops, and will take 6 hours before you reach Halong City.

If you want to splurge, you can get a helicopter at the airport and fly to Halong bay from Hanoi in an hour. When taking this option, you’ll get a better bird’s eye view of the of the bay.

Another option is to pick your vehicle and your driver and tell them to make the 2-hour drive to Hai Pong, where you can ride a hydrofoil to Cat Ba Island, where an hour after you arrive, you’ll ride your boat to tour through Halong Bay. The best way to view Halong Bay is by boat; you can either hire a private boat, join a tour, and spend up to 10 days sailing around Halong Bay at your leisure.

Bay of the Descending Bay

Want to know a good attraction? The Bay of the Descending bay in Halong Bay.

With over 1500 sq. kilometers, clear green water that runs more than 120 km of the Northern Vietnam’s coastline, with a gathering of 3000 monumental limestone islands, Halong Bay is a breathtaking natural wonder in the world.

Grottos and caves are full of hidden passageways, plenty of stalactites, stalagmites, history, mystery, and intrigue. Most of these caves are accessible by charter boat but can be visited through a tour of Halong Bay.

The islands have their own unique names. Some of the islands are important for local fishermen who utilize clear, shallow waters to catch over 450 species of mollusks and over 200 species of fish. The islands are full of wildlife, monkeys, antelopes, and iguanas just to name a few.

Huang Sung Sot is the most popular caves for visitors to see. Like the Hang Dau Go, it has 3 chambers and a lot of steps to reach the entrance. In the second chamber, there is a rock that’s lit up in pink, as it’s regarded as a symbol of fertility. The cool air temperatures inside the chambers are a good reprieve from the air outside, and visitors can take a walk through the cave, which loops back to the entrance of the bay.


In conclusion, traveling to Halong bay from Hanoi is easy, once you have a detailed plan. Book your travel itineraries in advance and always have few extra baht in hand. Through research, planning, and creating a reasonable budget, your trip to Halong Bay will be a memorable one.

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