Photographs of Panglao, Bohol

Panglao, Bohol is a small Island filled with palm trees, crystal clear blue waters and sandy beaches. Sounds super idyllic right?

We ended our honeymoon tour of South East Asia relaxing on the island of Bohol. It was just what we needed after jumping from place to place.

Here are some photographs to inspire you to visit Panglao, Bohol.

The Virgin Islands 

We took a private boat tour to the Virgin Island which including stopping over at a few other places along the way. This was lovely, as we could go at our own pace and move on when we were ready to.

Our guide and his son brining us into land

The Virgin island is a long stretch of white sand. It is a private island, and you can only go as far as the sand bar.

My husband, chilling on the edge of the boat on Virgin Island.

There are a number of beach sellers there sellng fresh coconut water, fruits, meat skewers and souvenirs.

Normally you can walk along the sand bar, but the tide was in and so we paddled through and along the stalls.

Beach sellers on virgin island

It was incredibly warm and we I got very sunburnt (my never ending lesson in life).

Paddling in the clear waters of the virgin island, Bohol
Dolphin Watching

The first part of our trip was early in order to catch the Dolphins. We went out into open water, with a load of other boats, waited a while, then the little things came to life jumping out of the water. It was a really special moment.

Turtles, snorkelling and starfish

During our trip we had the opportunity to go snorkiling. This gave us an opportunity to see giant sea turtles, as well as starfish.

Ou guide grabbed our gopro during our time there to dive deep down and capture the turtles, but accidentally didn’t hit record (facepalm) so we didn’t get any shots. Though we saw them and that was good enough. It was definately a finding nemo moment.

Sunset dreaming

After ur boat trip we took a wander around Panglao to capture some images of the sunset.

This little island will remain a special place for me. It was beautiful and the images will always remind me of feeling both well rested as well as adventurous.


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