Exploring Port Sunlight, The Wirral

Beautiful, unique and the perfect day out. That is how Port Sunlight village trust describes this place, and I couldn’t agree more.

Port Sunlight is a small but perfectly formed model village in the Wirral, which is across the mersey from Liverpool.

It was built by Lever Brothers, you know the soap guys – “if you’re not happy, Lever Brothers will give you your money back“. Yeah them! Cool right?

Who are the Lever Brothers? A brief history lesson

In 1885, William Hesketh Lever and James Darcey Lever established their company, after collobrating with a chemist to make a unique soap product, which was unlike anything else on the market.

The early beginnings of finding a gap in the market, and branding yourself.

A stone monument of Sunlight Soap

The started out selling in a smaller grocer store, until the demand became too great, and they needed to expand. In 1888, they aquired some marsh land in Bromborough, which later became known as Port Sunlight.

The idea behind building the village was to accomodate the workers of the sunlight soap factory, and their families.

The Lever Brothers were one of the most forward thinking employers of their time, sharing profits with its employees by putting them back into developing the village.

A recreational area in Port Sunlight

The village is made up on a number of buildings, and was essentially a community for all the employees.

There is an art gallery, church, a bank, a pub, river park and receration area, school and a dance hall (Hulme Hall). Everything needed in a local community and for a good quality of life.

Christ Church, Port Sunlight

Later in the following years, Lever Brothers merged to form the Unilever company, which still exsists today.

The Unilever factory in Port Sunlight, The Wirral
Port Sunlight today

Port Sunlight still exsists as a village today, with approximately 1500 people living there. There are 900 grade two listed buildings, which are well maintained. Thinking manicured lawns and delightful flowers.

Getting there
Port Sunlught metro station

Access to Port Sunlight can be gained on the Liverpool metro, via the wirral (green) line. Easily accessible from both Liverpool and Chester.

Mersey rail metro map
What to do in Port Sunlight

I travelled to Port Sunlight with my mum, who was living in Birkenhead at the time. We had a lovely time wandering around the village, including the gardens and recreational areas.

There is also a museum and garden village, which gives you a more detailed history into the area.

Gladstone theatre in Port Sunlight

If you have time too, you could call into the historic Bridge Inn for a pint, or to the local tea room.

It is the most idyllic day out, and one of the cutest villages in England. Do you agree?



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