How to be happy in the now

”I will be happy when I graduate. I will be happy when I get that job. I will be happy when I get married. I will be happy when I loose some weight. I will be happy when I have my own home.”
Any of those statements ringing true to you? I know they are for me.
For most of us, happiness is a goal. Something to constantly work toward and achieve.
However, what happens when we get that job, get married, own a home, or loose weight? What is next in the happiness chain?
For most of my adult life this has been me. Waiting for the next big thing to come along.
I have seen myself with phone in hand searching for flights whilst on a bus journey through rural Malta. Thinking about what hashtags to use as I arrive in a scenic location, or how I could frame a photo to make something look amazing. Even adding to my instagram stories before I have even stopped to take it all in myself.
Perhaps this is part of my perpetual impatience. Yes, I was one of those kids that asked ”are we there yet?” and ”what are we doing next?”.
So I have recently challenged myself to enjoy the current moment I am in and being happy in the now.
Some ways I am trying to do this:


1. Using my phone less
My phone, a standard attachment to my hand at times.

I have already touched on this subject before, and wrote about whether blogging makes you unsocialable.

I think to some extent it does, but also doesn’t have to be. It all depends on how much time you devote to it.

For someone that is a lover of the hashtags, stories and creative overlays, I think it may be a bit of a challenge for me.

However, what I plan to do is focus on my photography skills and capturing great images to share later, and not straight away.

This also goes for using my phone when I am travelling. I feel that my phone has become a distraction, and something to do whilst waiting for the next thing. Waiting in a line for example, my phone comes out. Why can’t I just look around me and enjoy being in that line. People watch and be patient?

2. Being more mindful

Lost in a World of my own in the Philippines

Mindfulness is quite an on trend thing these days. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for a bit of relaxation. However, what I am talking about is being more mindful in the tasks that I am doing or in the location I am in. This will mean no more doing my hair, eating breakfast and scrolling through my phone all at the same time in the morning, or half watching something on TV, with laptop or phone in hand. It’ll probably mean I need to go to bed and get up earlier.

I want to live more in the moment, and stop stressing about needing to get to the next thing.

3. Stop blocking out the sounds of the World 

I really love music, and actually as I write this, I am sat on a plane to Geneva with my earphones plugged in listening to music.

However, I want to stop listening to music as a means of distraction. I want to go on more walks in my local area, without music. I want to listen to the sounds of the street and observe the local life, without the need to block it out. A lot of the time I am guilty of grabbing my phone and earphones just to walk to the local shop. Clearly blocking the World out, but for what reason? The birds sound lovely and the crunchy autumn leaves are a delight. I want to hear the World more.

4. Not comparing myself to others

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram or Facebook only to find an incredible picture and thought that the person who has taken the photo must have the best life and be super happy? Well, it may not all be so rosy (or it might be, who knows!) People only put online the parts of their life that they want you to see. Often these good bits, edited to make it look just fabulous.

Sometimes a picture isn’t all that it seems

Take the picture above for example.

I have had a bit of a crappy month lately, with a busy workload and pain from a long term back condition. Things felt like they were getting on top of me, so a weekend break with family is just what I needed. When in Chamonix recently, we went to the QC Terme Spa for the day, and it was incredible. Just like this in the picture. I’ve never felt more relaxed than I was here. However, we decided to scrap going to the glacier in the early afternoon as we wanted to be at the spa in daylight to get a shot like this. How ridiculous is that?  So after a lot of faffing about with angles and the light, we got this one. It’s taken on a phone, so not the quality I would like usually, but I do love this shot.

To me it reflects the serene nature of this place. It looks amazing right? (It was) but just dont be fooled but the thousands of flawless images online that you see. Someones online life can be so far from from what actual life is like on a day to day basis.

Being more mindful in what I am doing and who I am with I hope will enable me to be happy in the now moments.
How about you? Do you feel like you are stuck in the happiness trap, or can you be happy in the moment?
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post or over on my latest Instagram post.

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