A spa with a view at QC Terme, Chamonix

Hands up who likes a spa? I know I do. Well how about a spa with a view? Before I go on, I’d like to clarify that I am not a seasoned spa goer. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of times I have been to a proper day spa.

Whilst in Chamonix (France) recently, we stumbled across the QC Terme Spa, which is a newly opened Italian inspired spa.

Chamonix is famous as a ski resort location, but at the time of travel, it wasn’t quite ski season.

This left us with some limited options on what to do, apart from cosy up in bars drinking mulled wine or hot chocolate, explore glaciers (which we wanted to do, except we missed the train), or go on walks, (which we did, but it was rather nippy). So the best option was to spend the day in a spa.

Hello QC Terme! 

Stepping through the doors of the spa was like another World. Beautiful marble floors, giant reed diffusers which smelt beautiful, orchids, and comfy sofas. Que me saying “oh, isn’t this fancy!” (Told you I wasn’t a seasoned spa goer).


Normally you are required to book your place at the spa. However, due to it being off season, we were able to walk in and book.


The spa offer a number of different price packages with day passes starting at 48 euros, with it being more expensive Friday to Sunday.

It is slightly cheaper if you access the spa after 5.30pm (but we wanted to go for the views in the day time).

The spa also offers treatments such as massages and facials. When you book a treatment you will also get access the spa for the entire day.

A day at the spa

For some people, a whole day in a spa may feel like a waste of time. Normally for me, I could spend a few hours in and out of hot tubs or saunas and be done. However, there is much more to the QC Terme spa than a few hot tubs.

On arrival at the spa, you will be given a fluffy towelling robe, slippers and a wristband.

There are a number of rooms and areas of explore, including saunas, a himalayan salt room, relaxation rooms with tranquil images projected on the ceiling, waterbeds and comfy loungers. It was total bliss.

As well as the rooms, there are a number of thermal spas of varying temperatures.

There was the Kneipp path, which had a side of 36 degrees, and a side of 15 degrees, and you walked from one to the other. It was strangely quite nice.

The spa with a view

Then there is this. Possibly the main reason many people flock here (or one of the reasons we did anyway).

A massive thermal pool outdoors, filled with various jacuzzi areas, and the pièce de résistance: the view of Mont Blanc.

I mean, how flipping lovely does this look? I could have sat here all day staring at the mountains (I will forever feel at home in the mountains) though sometimes it is nice to just view them from below, rather than hike up them. And what a better place to do it.


If you happen to stay in the spa the whole day, QC Terme serve food. You can purchase a wellness lunch for an extra 22 euro, which is served between 12-3pm. We didn’t though, and probably should have ate more than just a crossiant beforehand. We had planned to stay for a good few hours, but were told that included with our entry we would be able to enjoy their version of the Italian aperitif – called the appreitime. Served after 6.30pm, this is buffet style and includes wines (including prosecco), meats, cheeses, little pastries and salad items. I was in my element.

So it was a pretty good deal in all. Spend all day in the spa, get a feed afterwards and leave feeling super relaxed.

I’ll definitely be returning one day, and may check out the other spas in their network. 


Note: This was not a collaborative or sponsored post. I paid €52 entry fee and throughly enjoyed my time. All words and opinions are my own. 

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