5 Crazy Activities to Do While Travelling the World

On my travels, I have indulged in so many activities that I never thought I would. If you had told me when I was growing up in Coleraine, that I would sleep in treehouses, go bungy jumping and get face to face with wild animals, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But life has to be an adventure and these are 5 crazy things to do when travelling the world.
1. Skydiving
Skydiving is a completely crazy and enthralling experience, often featuring adrenalin rush and a pre-dive period of high tension and nervosity. New Zealand is a place full of immense places to Sky Dive and I loved my time there partaking in such incredible once in a lifetime experiences. Head to somewhere like Lake Taupo and pay the cash and the experts will take you up high in an aeroplane before chucking you out the side door.
Admire the views of pretty planet earth on the way down as you truly feel free and inspired.
2. Blogging
Blogging is crazy as it can feel anti-social stuck on your laptop in a room full of strangers in another bar in another town. But after a few years of blogging, as with my site, it becomes routine, expected and easy. The real crazy part is when you look back on early posts on your site remembering when you wrote them, whilst also forgetting how crazy a life you really had.ย Travel bloggingย is just a great way to keep a record of your journeys.
3. Gambling
Horse Racing and Casinos can be addictive and fun. Betting on football matches can be exciting when you wait for the results to come in. On my travels I saw people who gambled online from the comfort of their laptop. Remember doing the lottery is also gambling and no harm done unless you become an addict, plusย playing online slots for free can be fun.
4. Touching Animals
Cat and dog cafes aside, there are plenty of animals to be massaged on our adventures around the world. Be it stroking crocodiles in The Gambia, swimming with dolphins in Bermuda or feeding kangaroos in Australia, don’t miss out on the chance to admire the animals around the world.
5. Collecting Stamps, Keyrings etc.

A lot of us love to collect souvenirs on the way such as postcards, stamps or keyrings. At the time, don’t diss these as a waste of money and a burden to carry. Once you have finished your travels, these make for a truly rewarding physically memory of your journeys. Even just buying a stamp in each city or country, or keeping a coin and a banknote can be a wonderful and zany way to shop as you travel the world.

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