The doors of Malta and where to find them

Doors are the ultimate beginning to a fairytale. A door has an air of mystery about it; it is intriguing to know what may lie behind it.

In Malta, you will have plenty of opportunities to imagine your own fairytale story. Down every quaint street, and around every corner, you will find the most exquisite doors. All brightly coloured, and hand carved, and matched perfectly to the Maltease stone, which when lit up by the sun creates the most incredible scene.

I loved imagining the pages in my fairytale story by wandering around and looking at a variety of doors.

The doors in Malta and Gozo can also make a great backdrop for your perfect Instagram picture, and you’ll see plenty of people modelling outside a variety of doorways.

Here are some of the best doors I found whilst in Malta and Gozo, and where you can find them.



Mdina (pronouced Mm-dee-na) will be where you can get to channel you inner instagram model. The old city is small, but there are incredble doors around every corner.

This property in the old town (is available to rent on air bnb). The owners were clearly annoyed by the amount of tourists taking pictures, and have a sign in the garden to advise people not to sit or climb on there wall (which is fair play)

Where to find me

I don’t have an acurate address for this place, but it is close to St Paul’s Cathedral in the centre.

That blue door

If you have looked up photos of Mdina. Chances are, you will have seen this blue door. It is possibly the most photographed in the city. It is stunning, with bright purple flowers growing on the wall, and screaming out to be captured.

Of course, I had to have a shot here.

Where to find me

This door is found on the same alleyway as Coogi’s Restaurant & Tea Garden.

A purple door in the shadows

Where to find me

The pastel one. I loves the lavender and pink colours on this building, which is just opposite St Paul’s Cathedral in Mdina.

The capital city Valletta is so vast, and has many little streets to discover (as well as a lot of hills). So I can’t offer an exact location of these doors. However, if you are in the city, you will see a number of amazing ones. Just side step into one of the many quaint streets, and they shall be found.

Not a door, but many windows. I loved this building and how the sun was reflecting on it, with its mint green windows and shutters, with quaint little balcony. Taken from the Upper Barrakka Gardens terrace.
Matching shutters and a door in teal. “Somewhere in Valletta”
Some of the doors had more of a rustic charm than others.
Located in one of the three cities across from Valletta. This little street can be found in Senglea.
A charming and well carved door in Senglea
An inviting half opened door in Senglea.


The island of Gozo is a mecca for photographers. Its dainty little cobbled streets, friendly locals, stunning bays and buildings all add to its charm.

Sunset at Xlendi Bay, Gozo

Having stayed in Gozo for 2 nights, I felt like a real local. The vibe here is on point.

Living like a local in Victoria Gozo

Where to find me

Somewhere in Victoria, Gozo
A stunning door next to House of Gozo

Where to find me

They say that Gozo is the garden on Malta. This door certainly reflects this view.

Where to find me

This was on the same street that we stayed on – tucked into a little corner.

Even the police stations have beautiful doors

Where to find me

Whatever your reason for visiting Malta and Gozo, make sure you take time to stop and appreciate some ofthe doors.

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