Brunch at the Crazy Cat Cafe, Milan

Cats are cute, and often spend the majority of their time lazing around, but most don’t mind being played with or petted.

Now imagine combing this activity with having a good slice of cake and a cup of coffee: Welcome to the Crazy Cat Cafe, Milan


The rise in popularity of cat and animal based cafes, comes from those which started out in Asian countries such as Taepi in Taiwan; where the first ever cat cafe is known to have been, and Seoul in South Korea.


The idea behind these cafes, are that you can enjoy food and drink, whilst having some “cat therapy”

When I spotted some of these in South Korea back in 2013, I thought it was just a quirky Asian idea, that wouldn’t be of much interest to anyone else, not the least myself.

My latest trip to Milan however, saw me having brunch in one, and actually enjoying it.

The Crazy Cat Cafe, was something my sister and I happened to stumble upon, when roaming the streets looking for tasty brunch options, and when we spotted it, as well as another customer eating the biggest slab of cheesecake, we were in.


About the crazy cat cafe

The Crazy Cat Cafe is the only animal based cafe in Milan, and opened in late 2015. It is home to 9 cats, and those who work there, regard themselves, and those that visit, as guests in the cats home.

The owners of the cafe, worked alongside Vets and animal behavioural specialists prior to opening, to ensure that the environment was adequate for them, and that they (the cats), would feel relaxed, and at home.


Reservations can be made to eat or drink at the cat cafe. However, we walked in without a reservation, and were able to get a place to sit. In saying that though, I’d imagine in the peak of summer, or busier seasonal periods, you may be required to make a reservation.

The Crazy Cat Cafe is open from 10am, until 8.30pm, but these times may vary at certain times of the year.


Not far from Republica metro station, we found it easy enough to find the Crazy Cat Cafe.


The experience (food and drink) 


As you get to the door of the Crazy Cat Cafe, you’ll see that there are in fact two doors. As you enter, you need to wait for the first door to close, and for a member of staff to let you into the main cafe. This, I presume is to ensure that the cats do not run out onto the main road.


If you are wanting to visit for a coffee, or hot drink only, then there is a bar like area, with small coffee tables and chairs. Otherwise, there is a larger area to sit, if you want some food also.

As a note about hygiene; food and drink are prepared in a separate area, away from cats access, so you can be assured that you’ll not be coughing up any fur balls!

The menu at the Crazy Cat Cafe varies, and includes a breakfast/brunch set menu for 15 euros, including a hot and cold drink, toasted sandwich, cake, muesli and yoghurt.


As we weren’t that hungry, we settled on sandwiches and coffee. Although were tempted by the range of cheesecakes, brownies and sweet treats they had on offer.

Afterwards, we spent time playing with and taking photos of some of the cats around the cafe.


Cat therapy fees 15492060_586467878737_4629547961518975405_n

Along with paying, very reasonable prices for food and drink, you will be required to pay one Euro, per person, as “Cat Therapy” fees. This money goes directly back into the care and maintain of the cats health and wellbeing.

A note about animal welfare 


As stated above, the owners of the Crazy Cat Cafe have been approved by relevant animal associations in Milan and Italy, and work to ensure their standards are high.


The cats have totally separate places to eat and drink, and the cafe is not over run by cats, making it feel quite normal. The cats appear to be happy and well looked after.


Although not somewhere I ever thought I’d want to visit. I was pleasantly surprised. So, if you are in town and want a CATpuccino, and some cat therapy, then pop into the Crazy Cat Cafe, for a different experience in the city.

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