Winter health travel tips

Staying safe and healthy when travelling is normally the number one concern travellers have whe preparing for a trip.

Insuring belongings is often at the top of the priority list for travellers. Especially if travelling with high tech cameras and eqipment. Insurance is always good to protect you if your flight gets delayed.

Accidents, illnessness and injuries can happen, even when travelling. However, when you’re abroad, it can be more stressful. I found this out for myself when I was travelling in Vietnam.

If you happen to be in an accident, or get ill you can get holiday compensation from your insurer.

Of course you don’t want to fall ill or have an accident, so here are some tips for a healthy winter trip:

Pack for the weather


Packing appropriately for the weather is essential. You can do this by checking the weather forecast in advance.

One thing to consider with weather forecasts however is that they can change, but it is important to check both the maximum and minimum temperatures.

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 13.09.31

So although the weather may be hot during the day. It can cool down in the evenings, so it is essential you pack warmer layers for the nights.

Travelling in colder climates 


If you are travelling to a typically cold country, make sure you have enough warmer layers. When packing for my snowboarding trip, I made sure I had my thermal leggings, fleece lined coat a woolly hat and gloves. They took up a lot of space in my luggage but it was necessary and I was toasty warm.

A view from Yas Peak (2369m up) - attempting to look like a pro snowboarder!

Travelling in warmer climates 


Winter doesn’t always mean that you will be wrapping up warm. A lot of people escape to warmer climates in the Winter, and it is equally as important to pack correctly. Essential items to pack are high factor sunscreen (including protection for your face and lips), a hat to cover you up from the hot sun in the day, and your coolest shades.

Experiencing various weather in one trip 


During a trip, there may be times that you’ll experience a variety of weather. This may be travelling from a hot to a much colder country, and although it may take up a lot of space in your suitcase, it is important to have what you need.


I recently experienced this in Montenegro. Travelling from the beach where it was 23 degrees, to the moutains where it was 5 degrees and snowing!


Luckily I had my winter boots, which I could get changed into.

Looking after your body


When travelling in Winter, it is important to look after your body. This could include taking vitamins, or drinking healthy drinks.

For warmer weather, it is also important to drink plenty of water. Being dehydrated can lead to getting illnesses including heat stroke, so looking after your body through proper hydration and diet is vital.

Find out where the nearest pharmacy and hospital are beforehand


Although you do not want to fall ill, it is advisable to find out where your nearest pharmacy and hospital are. It might seem excessive, but a quick bit of research could save precious time if an emergency does occur. Knowing where a pharmacy is, is important too, especially if you take regular medications that you need to replenish.

Take an emergency travel pack

It’s not as daunting as it sounds. You’ll probably have a lot of the essentials already packed. Some things to include to keep you safe and healthy are:

  • Copies of your passport  – this is helpful if you need to get treatment in a hospital.
  • A copy of your insurance information – with helpful numbers to call if you get in trouble.
  • Special medical needs treatment, if applicable a medical bracelet.
  • A mobile phone with a sim card that will work overseas and sufficient credit
  • ATM/credit card (e.g. Visa or Mastercard) as well as currency
  • Emergency / first aid kit


Winter travel is exciting, and you can have a healthy and safe time if you prepare well. What are your winter health tips? Have you been ill on a trip, and had to use your insurance? Comment below.


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