The uncertainties of leaving your home

Sometimes when we have made a decision about something, things seem to piece together quite nicely. Other times, things happen, which make you doubt your decision.

I was woken up fairly early this morning – 1.15am by a phone call from a friend who told me that Christchurch had experienced another earthquake of at least 5.3. Thinking it was a dream, when I got out of bed at 9am and I checked the news, and sure enough, there has been at least 3-4 quakes during our night, with the largest being 6.0!

Although this seems shocking, it was expected. It was predicted that another big quake would happen within the next year. I think possibly because the time gap between being at home and being in New Zealand is shortening, it does seem a little daunting. However, I do have a whole peace about it. I am prepared and ready to face the challenges thrown at me. I am also very excited about going, and experiencing what the beautiful South Island has to offer.

Just for a bit of humour .. had a conversation with someone today, which went like this:

“You’re going to New Zealand, wow … that is fantastic, beautiful country, great people … as long as you’re not anywhere near Christchurch, then you will be fine, they had quakes today you know, pretty bad!”
“oh, you are going to Christchurch … oh, I am sure you’ll be fine!”

Kia Kaha (Stay Strong) Christchurch; I am coming to experience your genuine kiwi hospitality and have loved hearing about your resilience so far.

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