Travel plans: Help us plan our trip to New York City

Recently I wrote about my next travel plans; this time, they include my youngest sister Jess, who turned 21 recently.

The original plan was to reveal the destination on her birthday, with plans for that ranging from extravagant flashmobs to simply wrapping up a guide book. Both of those seemed a little too far fetched and boring, so I decided to embark upon a little scavenger hunt.

From the date of her birthday,  I issued Jess with one clue per day, with the only rules being that she was not allowed to ask for help, or have use of the Internet.

The clues started on her birthday and were due to last for 21 days. However, after just 7 days, Jess was able to make a guess at the destination.

2015-03-13 20.41.37

She guessed by singing Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York song. I then made a short video to confirm that her guess was correct!


So we are going to New York City in approx 3 weeks time, for 5 nights and 6 days. We have a place to stay (Williamsburg, Brooklyn).

Now I (or we!) need your help. Have you got any recommendations for almost 1 week in New York City? Which attractions are worth it, or not. Any secret spots, or local finds? I love seeing typical sights in a new place, but really like getting off the beaten track.



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