Top 5 Places to Visit in Greece

Greece may have hit the headlines in the last few years due to its bankruptcy, however life had to go on and try to prosper as much as it could. On my travels, I have visited Greece, eaten many a Greek salad or yoghurt and enjoyed the culture. It’s a country with a world famous global appeal. From the ancient Greek times, through to the hosting of the Olympics in Athens, right up to the 2004 victory in European football’s prestigious European Championships. The country deserves to be visited and hopefully one day to become a stable economy once again. When you do visit Greece, here are 5 of the best places to visit.

1.Rhodes Town

Rhodes is a beautiful island and is topped off by the gorgeous capital city – Rhodes Town. Rhodes Town is an old walled city which is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. As well as enjoying the sights of the capital, the party town of Faliraki and the beach town of Afandou are also recommended.


Down on the Aegean Sea is the stunning pearl of the Greek coast. Thessaloniki has a marvellous harbour, a delightful old town and some excellent restaurants, bars and cafes. Sunsets are also so amazing here and the city holds a special romantic charm about it.


Put simply, Crete is a beautiful island popular in summer for tourism. Think of hot, golden, sandy beaches, ice cold ice cream, Greek pitta breads and ancient history. It’s an island well worth exploring.

Rental Center Crete
For tourists visiting Crete, it is recommended to hire a car as it is simply the easiest way to get around the island. There are no trains here, and so on hot days, you will love to be inside your own vehicle. Check out places such as car hire chania , where you can hire a car easily with your international driving licence and get ready to explore the wonders within.


A honeymoon island, a place for couples to mingle and overall just another of Greece’s essential places to visit, Corfu offers something for everyone. Pumping nightlife, relaxing beaches, old walled towns, Greek architecture and chilled out bars, this place has it all.


You didn’t think I was going to skip the capital city, Athens did you? It is here where you can visit UNESCO world heritage sites and truly get a glimpse of how ancient Greece meets modern day Greece. The Acropolis is one of the key sights here and scattered all over the capital city, you can find lots of Greek ruins. Read up on your history first and get exploring.

So when you visit Greece, make sure you head to some of these places to enjoy true Greek culture and hospitality. It’s easy to travel overland into Greece these days, from Turkey, Bulgaria and Albania but of course, most tourists prefer to fly in – especially to the gorgeous islands who all have international airlines now, served by budget airlines. Boat trips from the mainland part of Greece to these islands can also easily be arranged.

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