Eco friendly travel fashion with Yakwood sunglasses

Sunglasses are the one travel accessory I never forget to pack. The slighest hint of sunshine, and my shades are out.

Enjoying some summer sun with my aviators in London – 2013

On average I take a flight every other month, sometimes more.

In fact, when I looked back on the past 6 years of travelling, I average at 21 flights per year. This year alone, I have taken 16 individual flights.

As a frequent traveller, you would think that I would invest in a decent pair of sunglasses; but no, I haven’t. I have lost count of the number of pairs I have bought over the years. I have gone through varing styles. From the oversized bug eye glassses, to aviators, to the pointly dame edna style glasses.

The oversized sunglasses look. Styled in New Zealand, 2012

All of these sunglasses had a few things in common, they were all bought for under £10 from street vendors or supermarkets. They were also all plastic framed.

This is not a good thought when the majority of them have ended up in the bin.

Which leads me to talking about how you can help our little planet and look fashionable at the same time.

Yakwood Sunglasses

Recently I got the chance to try out a few pairs of wooden framed sunglasses by Yakwood.

Sorry, did you say wood?!

Yes, sunglasses with handmade wooden frames – a pretty unique feature.

Yakwood are a high quality eco-friendly wooden acessories brand. They currently stock wooden watches and sunglasses. All their products are ethically sourced, and 10% of their profits go to environmental causes.

Yakwood say that ths year they hope to donate to the Woodland Trust.

Buying wooden framed sunglasses is a great step in being a more eco-friendly traveller. Being wooden, the sunglasses are more sustainable and less likely to be thrown out in a few months time.


There are 8 different styles suitable for woman and 9 for men. Many of them can also be customisable, for example polarised lens options.


The cost of Yakwood sunglasses range from £22.99 to £31.99. Products are shipped from overseas, so takes up to 15 days to arrive.

Yakwood are hoping to add the sunglasses to their in stock UK range soon, and so shipping will be 3 days in this case.


My sunglasses arrived very well packaged. Individually wrapped and placed in wooden boxes, with protective wrap over the lens.

They came with a cloth pouch and a cleaning cloth.

The look

I choose the premium polarised dark bamboo wood sunglasses, as well as the natural dark bamboo wood sunglasses.

They have a quality feel to them, unlike my cheap plastic sunglasses. They also fit really well and feel comfortable to wear.

I have written about sustainability in travel previously, and how we need to look after our planet a lot more. So I am really glad I have found a key travel accessory that will help me a little more, and look forward to having them as a regular part of my packing list.

Reader offer

If you would like to get your hands on a pair of  unique wooden sunglasses from Yakwood, I can offer you a discount code of 12% off, with free shipping.

Just use the code LIFE12 at the checkout – vaild until the end of October 2018.



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