Snapshots from Melaka, Malaysia

Despite spending one cumulative month in Malaysia. I have failed to write about my time in Melaka. It was somewhere that I spent just two days in, but honestly failed to connect with, especially having been to Malaysian Borneo, the historic Georgetown in Penang, and to the delightful Cameron Highlands.

There may be a number of reasons for this including travel fatigue – I had been travelling non-stop for 4 months, living out of a rucksack, and sleeping in questionable accommodation.

My sister had become unwell a few days before our arrival there, and we did not explore as much as we had been doing. I felt guilty for trying to drag her around with me on adventures; eating local food walking for miles on end, so we kept things quite simple and low key.

I feel the former may have been more to blame for this. I had been to a number of incredible destinations, and my time in and out of hostels, and moving at a fast pace was becoming too much. I was later really thankful for the relaxed two days that I spent in a 5* hotel in Indonesia.

Nevertheless, Melaka is a beautiful destination, and there is plenty to do. Perhaps if I was to return, I’d be much more enlightened.

Here are some snapshots from my time in Melaka, Malaysia


Cyclos take on a much more vibrant look in Melaka, with LED lights, and many of them playing dance music tracks from speakers.


The walking street market (I was surprised at how much more commercial Melaka actually was, with several high street shops on also on this street)


Christ Church in the main square


We go free bikes from our hostel and took a cycle around.


Pineapple tart is the speciality in Melaka.


Have you been to Melaka, Malaysia – what did I miss out on?

Have you travelled somewhere that you’ve not been overly inspired by?

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