Backpacking in the Philippines: Five Quirky Experiences


Despite having passed through Asia a load of times and visiting many countries there, one high on my “to see list” remains the Philippines and I have plans to check it out next year. I heard from fellow travel blogger Jonny Blair that there are some really quirky and unusual things to see and do here, so here is just a quick top 5 sample of what you can do in the Philippines.

1.Visit the Chocolate Hills, Bohol Island

Philippines, Chocolate Hills at sunrise
Philippines, Chocolate Hills at sunrise

Hold on, chocolate hills? You mean they are made of chocolate? We will just eat them then surely? No, these are hills that in certain seasons, they show up as brown hills and look like little drops of chocolate. Of course most of the time they are actually green, but the landscape here is superb. You can admire the scenery, watch sunset here and take some crazy selfies.

2.Dancing with a Local Island Tribe

DSCF7416So you get on a boat and then you arrive on an island inhabited by a local tribe. On arrival, the leader of the local tribe will greet you. At this point, you will seem overdressed. Some of their children wander around nude, some of the ladies use coconut shells and leaves to cover their privates and the guys make deadly weapons from bamboo shoots. But don’t be scared, they want you to join them in a traditional dance, and you should give a little tip at the end.

3.Holding Starfish at Virgin Island

This is a tranquil and quite beautiful island in the Philippines that has no commercialism at all – not even any buildings. It is an island of only nature. It has gorgeous beaches, palm trees, coconuts and some amazing species of starfish. Get a boat there and back and be aware of mosquitos at sunfall.


4.Butterfly Museum

How exactly do you organise a butterfly museum? This is what I wondered too, but once you get here you will see how it works. It’s an outdoor museum in an area where butterflies are cared for and kept in some kid of natural habitat. Of course there are nets everywhere and some will escape, but you get to see the most wonderful and colourful caterpillars and butterflies. It’s quite mind blowing really.

5.Tarsier Centre

The Tarsier is a Philippines native species and is basically like a very small monkey that doesn’t move! You go into the centre and get up close and personal to this truly unusual creature. They are well protected and held on a hut on Bohol island.

Many tourists to the Philippines head to Boracay, Cebu and Manila and I would love visit them too – so I need to research a bit more. I have been checking out some of the Philippines most beautiful destinations for when my backpack takes me back to this gorgeous set of islands.


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