New Years Eve 2013 in Melbourne, Australia

This year was my 3rd New Year’s away from my home country.  saw 2007 in, in Chicago, USA (a really memorable New Year), which I’ve not got round to writing about yet.

Two years ago, I saw in the New Year in London, with my eldest and youngest sisters. It was wonderful (but freezing), it was the marking of my New Year in a new country, as I headed off to New Zealand.

Last year, I was in Nelson, with my eldest sister. It was quite a quiet celebration, where we met a random group of street evangelists, witnessed a lot of under age drinkers, and listened to the random show that was put on by the council.

This year, I happened to be in Melbourne with a friend I used to work with in the UK (now living in South Australia).

I was glad I was in Melbourne, it is one of my favourite cities in Australia so far. It is full of culture, and vibrancy.  We were originally thinking of going to Sydney, but accommodation costs were twice what they were in Melbourne, and we knew it would be expensive and crowded everywhere.

New Year’s Eve celebrations in Melbourne were big, there were 5 stations dotted another the city (mainly near Parks) were you could see the fireworks from. There was live music, and people were everywhere.

Before I left to travel to Australia, I did look up some ideas on where to spend New Years, but many bars and places in key areas were selling tickets, costing $100 pp upwards, which is crazy, just as an entrance fee! So we just decided to be random and go wherever we could.

We ended up in Docklands area, which is the Southern end of the Yarra River. It was busy, but a managable busy.

We started our evening off in the Malaysian restaurant around the corner from the hostel, for a $10 dinner and drink, then walked the 20 minutes to Docklands.

I was hoping to get into one of the bars along the river to grab a drink to make a toast in the New Year, but all the bars had a cover charge. We eventually found one, and waited 15 minutes to get served.

The countdown was then on, and we jumped out to the river area, and watched the amazing display, which went on for about as long as I waited to get a drink – a really good show! Fireworks were literally going off everywhere. You could see them on your left (towards the River) and right (towards Parliament) – it was spectacular!

We walked part way back into the city, and were planning to go and see what was happening in Fed Square, but the closer we got, the more ridiculous behaviour we saw – lots of people raving all over the place, being sick and silly (I have done this many a time myself), but I just didn’t want to be part of that at this time).

So we ended up walking back to the hostel, stopping at a Pie Face Cafe for a New Year’s Day hot chocolate and brownie – a great end to the night, and start to the New Year, of new adventures and new travel experiences!

I am excited about what 2014 will hold …




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