Dear Aotearoa New Zealand

Dear Aotearoa/ New Zealand, This is a particularly difficult blog post to be writing right now. I started this blog when I had made the decision to travel to New Zealand, to document my life here, the adventures I’ve had and things I’ve done, and that, I’ve definitely done.

However, I was realistic that when I arrived in this beautiful country, that it may not be forever. In fact, it was supposed to be only one year. New Zealand has become my adopted home, and I’ll always remember it with fondness in my heart.

In the past 6 months or so, I’ve been continuously thinking about travelling again. From looking up at flight deals to reading about other travellers and their adventures online, I can’t seem to put these thoughts to rest. So it is with great sadness that I write that it is my intention to leave Christchurch and New Zealand at some point this year.

I have no set plans just yet, just the need to be in the UK for a wedding in October, and the possibility of exploring Asia in between leaving here and getting back home.

Before I do move on, there are many things I need to do and see, but there are also many things I need to say.


Over the past few years, I’ve seen and done things, that I never thought would be possible. I’ve seen wondrous landscapes, awe inspiring mountains, and the most incredible lakes imaginable.

New Zealand, you’ve introduced me to snowboarding, allowed me to swim with Hector’s Dolphins, tramp all over your land, and explore my adventurous side by jumping off buildings, bridges and cliffs.

Although I’ve been burnt by your hot sun many times, been encouraged to eat fish, dressed up like a bunny to run through mud like a loon, and got lost many times, I’ve had an amazing time. I’ve made friends, and now have many brilliant memories to pack with me in my rucksack, which I will no doubt share with others in years to come.

Special thanks to those who helped me find my feet initially, and treated me like a member of your families, your love is limitless.

To the people of Christchurch, you are the most resilient, creative, friendly and loving people I’ve been so blessed to meet. Your sense of commitment to one another, strength, determination and love is something I’ll always admire. I’ll miss you New Zealand, with your funny accent and kiwi phrases, but I promise I’ll be back to visit you one day.


Haere rā, Ka kite anō

(Farewell, until I see you again)

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