Mud, Sweat and Tears Run

Since I’ve been in New Zealand, I’ve basically thrown myself into everything and anything. This weekend wasn’t as expection. I mentioned in a previous post about completing the mud, sweat and tears challenge which is in its 3rd year, and is pretty good fun, if you don’t mind getting dirty!

I booked my place 6 weeks ago, did very little training and the date came round pretty quickly.

Last week I went out and bought items to dress up in, which included a cheap pair of trainers, pink PJs, bunny ears, face paint and a white sponge. One bunny outfit made up pretty quickly.

So I completed the challenging in an hour, which is pretty shocking, as I’ve ran 5K before in 38 minutes. However, I didn’t think of the effect the mud would have on my clothes, I was totally drenched in the mud and it was very hard to run in. I soon ran out of energy. Just as I began to pick up my pace and get a rythym going, there was another obstacle, fence, mud swap or something else to crawl through. Mental!

Next time I will train more for it for sure.

Today I am hurting, but tomorrow I must go back to the gym to keep my fitness levels up.

Some pictures to amuse you:


┬áNeedless to say .. that outfit, and my trainers went straight in the bin. Thank God for hot showers at the event and a clean change of clothes. The only downside was wearing white thermals underneath. Very bad plan. I’ve got to invest in stain remover to steep my clothes. They’ve been washed several times, to no avail!
In other slightly bizzare news. We had summer in winter on Saturday (and a bit of Sunday). I woke up late on Saturday after a nice lie in, and went running out to the garage, as I usually do quickly to avoid the cold, and it felt quite pleasant. The top temperature was 20 degrees! Quick change into my shorts and I was away. I also noted that in Coleraine (hometown) on Saturday, the top temperature was 13 degrees! We stole the northern hemisphere summer for a few days!



In more EXCITING news. My sister booked her flights to come visit me. She arrives in Auckland in 170 days time (not that I am counting!) So I am rather excited to be planning little trips and places to go with her on. I love this country, and I love that I can show people around it.
Yet more exciting news. It is 34 days until I go to Fiji. Air New Zealand had really cheap fares, and so I booked on impluse (as you do) in the hope that my annual leave would be approved – it was. I’ve only booked flights and my first nights accommodation in Nadi. The first 5 days I hope to stay in the Blue Lagoon resort in a dorm room, which is known more as a ‘flashpackers’ than a backpackers, as it is quite nice. I was thinking of doing island hopping and staying in a few places at a time, but I soon realised with the time it takes to transfer from one place to another that I’d rather do the resort thing and just chill out, and then do wee trips, like the cultural village trip and trips out to scuba dive, instead. That way I will hopefully come back relaxed and ready to finish off the last 3 weeks of winter.
This Saturday I am off to house sit again for two weeks in Cashmere (south of the city), which will be nice – change of area. I’ve also planned a snowboard lesson, and I have the rugby, so will be a busy bee for a wee while!


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