Ireland Vs All Blacks

Last night – Saturday June 16th was almost one of the greatest moments in Irish rugby history that I had the pleasure of witnessing. Ireland almost drew with the All Blacks (New Zealand). The score was 19-19 up until the 79th minute, then Dan Carter kicked a drop goal, bringing the final score to 21-19. Although in fairness, to us (the irish) that is pretty much a win. I don’t think the All Blacks have much to be proud of with their state of play in all honesty.

The atmosphere was totally amazing! Such strong irish support, and great banter!

Next week we’re sure to win.

Its been really nice to have little things like this to look forward to. I remember booking the tickets for this, and even seeing the tour dates online before I arrived in Christchurch and getting excited. Time flies.

This week has still been pretty cold. Although we’ve had no more snow. Its been in the minus figures most nights. I caught a cold, and felt pretty miserable all week, so took off on Friday to recover. I made it to the rugby in 6 layers of clothing on top!

As I said in my previous post, New Zealand has definately taught me how to dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

Singing Ireland’s call:

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