Travel blogging: reflections from my 11 year old self

Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon, it has gone hand in hand with the advancement of technology and social media; in fact, I am currently typing this blog entry out on one of the latest tablet computers.
I think I started keeping an electronic diary back in 2005 when I was recovering from spinal surgery, through LiveJournal.
I later progressed to travel blogging almost two years ago, when my desire to travel grew.
Before all this, the only way to record things were with good old pen and paper.
On my latest trip back to Northern Ireland, I had the opportunity to get into the attic to have a look through a lot of the stuff I had left behind when I moved to New Zealand 20 months ago. During my search, I came across my “baby box”, which is essentially a box of things my mum collected when I was growing up; newspaper clippings, hair cuttings, medals and certificates from sporting events, my baby diary, among others. Whilst looking through this, I came across what I can only describe as my first ever travel diary.
A small yellow A5 notebook, which I had drawn all over, slightly torn in places, but very much legible.
This exercise of writing about our travels was possibly enforced as a school project by our teachers, along with the travel scrapbook of the trip, which I still have to this day.


I had a great time reading through some of the entries, which took me back to the trip itself, including how I felt seeing huge landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament for the first time.
This little yellow book is something I will keep as one of the reminders of what inspired me to go outside of my home country, and see the world from a different perspective.
I am so glad that I can now have an electronic copy of my thoughts of the places I have travelled, and hope to continue the art of blogging about my travels.





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