Drinking in Ireland’s most Northerly bar

We all like the sound of a place that has a claim to it, and I am a total sucker for it. I’ve visited the smallest house in Great Britian, and climbed the highest mountain in Wales, as well as done the World’s highest cliff jump.

Today, whilst on the way to Banba’s Crown in Malin Head, County Donegal, I passed by Farren’s Bar, which claims to be the most Northerly bar in Ireland, so after our windy walk at the most Northerly point in the country, I thought I’d drag my dad into the bar for a drink.

Although I am from the north coast of Northern Ireland, that area isn’t the most Northerly point in the whole island of Ireland. Malin in County Donegal, Republic of Ireland, has that claim, then again it is a different country – but I’m not going to get all political here.

Where is the most Northerly bar in Ireland?


Farren’s bar is located on the road to Banba’s Crown, just follow the brown tourist signs and you’ll see it. The seaview tavern is another pub, which also makes the claim of being the most Northerly bar, but Farren’s is further up the road toward the coast, so in my mind, it wins!


Drinking in Farren’s Bar 

Farren's bar: Ireland's most Northerly bar, in Donegal.
Farren’s bar: Ireland’s most Northerly bar, in Donegal.
Enjoying a Bulmers (irish version of Magners), in Farren’s bar, Malin, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

My dad and I visited the bar around 2pm on December 23rd, and there were not that many people there, but I’d imagine it is a great local hangout, and is packed to the rafters in the evenings.

Farren’s is a family run pub, and during our trip, we met one of the owners, as well as a traveller from the US, and a local called Bill, who for the most part, I barely understood (sorry mate!)

Bill, a regular local in Farren's bar, who when he saw my camera, asked for a photo.
Bill, a regular local in Farren’s bar, who when he saw my camera, asked for a photo.

The pub is spacious and has a great wood burner, plenty of spaces to sit, beer on tap and a pool table.


We sat down and warmed ourselves up by the fire, and had a drink, whilst listening to the banter from the men at the bar. I’d imagine it would be great craic here in the evenings!

If you’re on your way to Malin head on the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way, make sure you drop by for a pint at Farren’s Bar






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