Chasing the Aurora in Northern Ireland

The Northern Lights, are one of those ultimate bucket list items. The idea of seeing multiple colours dancing in the nights sky, sounds like something out of a Disney movie.

Many people will opt to do a trip to see the Northern Lights in any one of the Nordic countries, and can pay a hefty price tag for a tour. However, you don’t always need to go to these countries to see the Aurora. In fact, they can be visable from the North Coast of Northern Ireland, which just so happens to be my homeland.

In order to capture the Aurora; darker conditons are best so we often head over to Dunluce Castle area, which is only 10 minutes from where my parents live.

However, this area has become somewhat like ‘Paddys Market’ of late, as sighting the Aurora has become a bit trendy. So you can also head along the coast a little to Dunseverick.


How do you find out about the Aurora?

Sometimes if you are out and about in the countryside, it’ll happen and you’ll just stmble upon it However, the best way to find out about it, is through the North Coast Aurora Watch group on facebook. Locals and enthusiasts will post about sightings.

We drove out about 8pm, after we heard that lights were dancing in the sky, and there were about 15 cars parked up.

My camera isn’t fantastic (it is a bridge camera), so this was the best image I captured – I was still a little impressed that I got to see it.


Getting a new and decent DSLR camera is on my list for the new year, so I can capture things like this much better.

My sister Jess captured an even better shot, with the Castle visabe in it.


Tips for capturing the Aurora 

  • Wrap up warm – it is freezing, and after 5 minutes, I couldn’t feel my fingers
  • Bring a tripod and set it up in a field, away from as much natural light as possible
  • Be patient – sometimes you;ll have to sit there for hours for it to come out properly – all the pro photogrpahers bring a picnic and are literally there for hours, until they get a decent shot.

Have you seen the Northern Lights, or are they still on your bucket list?

If you’re in the North Coast of Northern Ireland, then keep a look out for the Aurora – it is incredible!¬†

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