Why you need to see London by Helicopter

London is a buzzing metropolis, and the largest city in the UK, that is exciting and chaotic all at the same time. It draws you in with its grand structures, and incredible places to visit. It has everything you need in a city, from expansive green spaces, to top attractions, venues, shops and grand buildings.

Sometimes however, London can become a little too much, and getting up and away from it is needed. Which is why you may like consider a flight with the London Helicopter, for an alternative perspective.


Flying in a Helicopter is something I have always wanted to experience, and I finally got to tick it off the bucket list last month, by flying over one of the greatest cities in the World.

The London Helicopter Experience

On arrival at the London Helicopter POD building, the friendly team will check you in, weigh you (in order to distribute the weight evenly for the flight), then you can relax in their comfortable lounge, which is a great place to then view the helicopters take off and land.

Hot and cold drinks are available to purchase, while you wait.


After watching the video safety briefing, its time to fly.

Walking across the tarmac, I felt like a Bond character, on a mission to save the World.


We got strapped in, and given a set of headphones, so we could hear and communicate with the pilot, who provided us with a guided tour of the city, as well as ask any questions throughout the flight.


Taking off was a sensational experience. One moment it felt like we were hovering over the ground like a magic carpet, and the next moment, we were flying high over the Thames.

In the 18 minutes I was in the air, I had a clear birds eye view of the city, spotting iconic buildings such as the Shard, The London Eye, The Houses of Parliament and St Paul’s Cathedral. I was in love.

Even further afield, we were able to see places such as Wembley Stadium, Wimbledon, and the runaway of Heathrow Airport.

Here are some pictures to inspire you to book a flight (read on further for your exclusive discount code to fly)
Spotted from the air: Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, and Westminster Bridge.
The London Helicopter flights higher than the tallest building in the city (The Shard)
The walkie talkie building and cheese grater
The Walkie Talkie building (Sky Garden), Cheese Grater and The Gherkin
South London and Chelsea Football Ground (Stamford Bridge)
Considering a trip? Check out details below

The London Helicopter is based in Battersea, South London, and is easily accessible from Clapham Junction station. It is the only heliport in the city, which offers 12, 18 or 30 minute flights over the city. The tours follow the River Thames, through the heart of the city.

You can book a seat on a flight, or privately hire a chopper out for yourself, and a group of friends (seats 6 max).


All of the pilots have many years of experience, so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

Location map:
Feeling adventurous?
Photo by Chris Johnson Photography.

The London Helicopter now offers open door flights, were you can get an unrestricted view of the city (don’t worry, you are harnessed in), and for a better photographic experience.


Still thinking of flying with the London Helicopter? Stop thinking, and start booking.

Use the code RUCKSACK when booking online, for 10% off your flight.

(Valid until 31st May 2017)

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