A weekend wander to Brighton, England

On the surface, Brighton looks like your ordinary British seaside town. It has a beach, with cute little deck chairs, a pier, amusement arcades, and places to pig out on fish and chips. However, Brighton has redeveloped itself, away from the traditional seaside resort, and has a bit of a quirky side, with its cute little lanes, alternative shops, and artsy scene.

Brighton is just over an hour from London, and so makes for a popular beach destination for city dwellers.

This weekend, I took a little wander down on the train to Brighton, with a friend of mine, who I hadn’t seen for some time, to discover some of these things.

Here are some of the things I got up to, and you can do too, in a day trip to Brighton, England

The beach


The beach is what often attracts many people to Brighton; espeially those from London, as it is one of their nearest beaches. However, don’t expect golden sand, or dream of building sandcastles – there isn’t much sand (if any?) in sight. Instead you get pebbles, and lots of them. Though if you’re not a feeling the sand through your toes kinda person, then this is perfect for you. You can get to sunbathe (when the sun comes out), and not have to worry about sand sticking to your sunscreen.

I spent time wandering up and down the promenade, people watching, and avoiding the seagulls!



The Pier 


Brighton Pier was opened in 1889, and was a rival for the West Pier, which subsequently burned down sometime after 1975, but whose structure still remains in the water. Brighton Pier has a number of food and drink outlets, as well as an arcade and small amusement arcade. Here, you can while away your time, by playing on the 2p slot machines, having a go on the dodgems, helter skelter, or the mini roller coaster. You can eat fish and chips, and get candy floss. A proper seaside resort feel.

I spent time playing on the 2p slot machines, having a go on the dance machine (which was a huge part of my summer as a 13 year old, back at home), and wandered around, looking out to sea.

The Carousel 


No trip to the seaside could be complete without a go on the Carousel (or hobby horses, as I know them!) As a child, we could do this at home for about 50p. Nowadays, it costs £3 per person (adults and children), for a short ride on these. There is one on the main beach, and one on the Pier.

Acting like a total child is mandatory when on this!



The shops


Brighton has some great, and quirky little shops, especially in the lanes. So if you are looking for something not normally on the high street – head to Brighton.

There are also cute little arty shops down by the beach, which sell local arts and crafts.


The (best) chocolate shop in England

These cakes at Choccy Woccy Doodah, Brighton, are decorated entirely with chocolate – incredibly creative!

I am going to be honest – this is one of the main reasons, my friend and I decided to take a trip down here. Choocy Woccy Doodah is a famous chocolate shop, which was founded in Brighton. It is an art and design focused chocolatier, which specialises in one off custom made cakes. I was in awe, the second I stepped into the shop. The creativity was out of this World.

The decor of the shop, had a Alice in Wonderland type theme to it. We were presented with a large chalk board menu at our table, and later served up our cakes.


Note – We arrived just before 11am, and were the only ones in the cafe and shop. By 11.30am, there was a queue. There is not reservation system, and is first come first served. I say, it is never too early for cake. 

They do incredible hot chocolates, and milkshakes, as well as French lemonade


The Royal Pavilion 


The Royal Pavilion looks like it should be in India or China. It was built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV, but is now a museum, and sits amongst some beautiful gardens.

If you want to take a tour around the inside of the palace; it’ll cost you £10.35; book online for a 10% discount.


Have you been to Brighton before? What is your favourite aspect about this seaside town?

My next few weekend wanders will take me to the following places

Cardiff, Bath, and Cambridgegive me a shout if you want me to stop by your place, or comment below with some recommendations.

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