Walking up Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

From the ground level, Hong Kong can feel a little chaotic. It is busy, noisy and when in central, the towering buildings can feel a little daunting.

However, there are ways to appreciate the city from a different perspective.

One of the best ways to explore any city I find is on foot.  Seeing Hong Kong from one of the highest vantage points is a must when you are visiting the city.

Victoria Peak has an elevation of 552m and is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island. Access to the peak can be done by tram, or on foot.

Initially, we had planned to take the tram up and down. However, on arrival at the tramway station on Garden Road, we saw one of the longest lines, which backed around on itself several times. We were told that we may be in the queue for over an hour.

A quick search on google maps revealed that it is possible to walk up to the summit of the Peak within the same time frame.

We checked that we had enough water on us, and set off.

The journey to the top was fairly easy to follow and was marked with various ‘tramway path’ signs.

For the majority of the journey we were following the tram line, and then weaving in and out of parks and gardens.

I won’t lie, the climb up is steep, and may kill your legs.

However, the views are worth it. Getting to stop along the way and take it the views the higher we got was stunning.

We had hoped to reach the top by sunset but just missed it. Though we were able to capture it midway throughout our climb.

Once you reach the lookout point, you will see a large 4 storey building with a balcony/terrace jutting out of it. This is Sky Terrace 428, and is the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong.

Within the building itself, you will find various shops and restaurants, as well as a ticket office to purchase your ticket to the terrace.

Cost of the tram and access to sky terrace 428

Ticket prices vary for the peak and can be a bit confusing. As we walked to the top, we were going to buy a single ticket for the journey down, and a ticket for the terrace. However, upon lining up for a ticket for the terrace, we were told that they only accepted cash, and we had hoped to use our credit card, as don’t tend to carry a lot of cash. This cash-only issue continued throughout our journey in Hong Kong.

Tickets will cost HK $99 for a return tram ticket, and HK$ 84 for a single journey. Access to the terrace is HK$52.

On our way to find a cash point, we came across a clear area to the right of the terrace, with unobstructed views, so in the end, decided to save the $52 and take shots of the city from there.

It was stunning, and we got a clear view of the city and waterfront.

Being up on Victoria Peak gave us a different perspective on the city, and we were glad to have walked up, for the exercise and different view points along the way.

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