Visiting Venice, Italy

When I was younger, we would all have a family holiday together. Normally, being a family of 7, we’d go to England, Scotland or Wales and camp or hire a caravan. Many people wouldn’t think much to these holidays, but I hold so many great memories from this time in my life.

I haven’t been on a holiday per se with my whole family in quite some time. In fact, the last time I was on holiday with both my parents, was to Venice, in Italy in September 2007.

So today, Saturday Snapshots, comes from Venice in Italy.

1. St Mark’s Square


St Mark’s Square is in the centre of Venice, and in Italian is known as Piazza San Marco. The square is dominated by the Church of St Mark (and a number of Pigeons!)

Although it was beautiful, I wasn’t keen on all the pigeons (I got attacked by one many years ago, so have taken a dislike to them ever since).

2. The Canals 


Taking a Gondola along the small canals of Venice is probably on many bucket lists. I loved the small canals of Venice, and how the city was essentially built on water. Venice has 177 canals, connected by 409 bridges.

3 The Bridges 



Venice has many bridges (409 apparently, which connect each side of the city.  The most impressive, is of course the bridge of sighs.


4. St Mark’s Basilica from St Mark’s Church



When I visited Venice, you could get a ready good view of the Bascialla and the city from the bell tower of St Mark’s Church. Stunning view.

5. Water Taxi’s


Water taxi’s are a great (and cheaper) way to get around Venice. We bought a daily pass, which was handy to jump from one place to the other. The water taxi’s were frequent and a good way to see the city.



6. Beach time


Although we flew into Venice (Treviso airport), we decided to stay up the coast a little, in a holiday park, were we had opportunity to visit the countryside, beach and city – a perfect mix. I got to go kayaking and parasailing for the first time, and loved it.



I love Italy, but have only been twice (Venice and Rome), but I prefer Venice. It has been 4 years since I have been in the country, and I definitely need to return.





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