Visiting the largest Castle in the World – Malbork, Poland

When in Gdansk recently, I found out that I was less than an hour away from the largest Castle in the World.

Although many attractions will boast that they are the largest and biggest in the World, Malbork Castle is in fact the largest Castle in the World, by land area. Taking up a massive 143,591 Square Metres.

It is a Castle that you will need to spend the day exploring for sure.


Where is Malbork Castle?

Malbork Castle is located less than an hour away from the Northern Polish city of Gdansk. If you are in a hurry, you can get a fast train in 30 minutes. If you have some time and wish to save money, then you can get a regular train and be there in 45 minutes.

The Castle isn’t hard to miss. A short stroll through the small town will take you there.


Cost of visiting Malbork Castle

A ticket to explore the Castle costs just 39.50 PLN, which is a little under £8 (as per exchange rates in May 2017). The ticket includes an free audio guide, which is GPS guided, meaning you won’t get lost, and you get to explore each aspect of the Castle with a comprehensive guide.


If you try and skip a section, or wander off the beaten track, the audio guide will inform you of this, so at the end of the day, you’ll know you will have explored every inch of its magnificance.



Malbork Castle is also know as the Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork, and is a UNESCO hertitage site. it was completed in 1406 and was revealed as the largest brick Castle in the World.


Malbork Castle was the place of residence of Polish Kings for many years, until World War II when it was taken over by Hitler, were it was partly destoryed.

After the war, Malbork was reclaimed by Poland, and restored on two occasions. Its most recent restoration was completed in 2016.


As with every proper Castle, Malbrok has a Moat surrounding it. There is a proper drawbridge as you enter, and all the trimmings that add up to the biggest, and best Castle in the World.


The Castle has huge grounds, but also has a number of sections that can be explored inside.



I loved exploring Malbork – definately worth a trip out from Gdansk.


Images in this post were taken by Chris Johnson Photography 

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