Visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, is Malaysia’s capital city, and I recently spent a few days there couch surfing with a local.

I am not a big city fan normally, so had only really planned to hop in and out and see a few of the touristy sites. However, after Couch Surfing there, I managed to see and do a lot more. I saw the city through the eyes of a local.

If you are planning on visiting Kuala Lumpur, here are some of the top things you can do.
1. Walking – I always think that walking around a new city is the best way to explore. Although the efficient LRT is inexpensive, a lot of places are easily accessible on foot. Grab a map from the tourist information office and have a wander.
2. The PETRONAS Twin Towers


This icon used to hold the record for the tallest building (170m). I don’t like big cities too much, but I love big iconic buildings, and this one didn’t disappoint. You can choose to go to the top and see the city from up high, but at a costly price of 80RM (about $25-27), I choose to save my precious ringgits for something else. In the evening there is a free water and light show from 7pm. I took a seat on the ground near a grass verge and just lay watching it all. It was quite beautiful.


3. Museum hop


if the heat and humidity is too much to handle, have a wander down to KL square, and visit the free and air conditioned Museums – KL Gallery, and the Textile Museum were two that I visited, both are free.

4. Temple hop


There are various temples in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is mainly made up of Malay, Chinese and Indian’s, with the primary religions being Muslim and Buddhism. I happened to be travelling during Ramadan, and so at times I was denied entry into the Mosques, but was able to take photos. Note: cover shoulders and knees to enter a Mosque. Chinese Temples.

5. Markets


KL central (or Sentral as its spelt in Malaysia) market is a great wee spot to wander around and pick up souvenirs. There are also a number of food markets, and the night market has a great vibe.

6. The Batu Caves


These are the Largest caves in Malaysia! It has a huge Golden Buddha at the entrance, and 271 steps to the top .. a good work out with a not too bad view. Just watch out for the monkeys. There is an LRT train directly to here, and entrance is free, unless you are not appropriately dressed, like I was (and paid 5RM) to rent a covering for my knees.

7. Hidden gems


As I was couch surfing I was also taken to a few different rainforests with waterfalls by my host. I have no idea where they were, but they were amazing. One was off the side of a highway!If you want to visit places not in the guidebook, get onto Couch Surfing and search for Koo .. he’s great!

8. Shopping – like its sister country Singapore, people in KL love to shop. KLCC shopping Mall under the towers is filled with many shops, mostly Westernised high end shops.


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