Visiting the Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

My sister and I hadn’t planned much, if anything for our time in Abu Dhabi; and in true style, I hadn’t really researched. Abu Dhabi was a two night stop over on our way back to London, and we just wanted to rest, following a busy few weeks (for my sister, were she feel ill from the food), and 4 months (for me) in South East Asia.

After relaxing by the pool in our hotel, and catching last minute sun, before returning to the cold lands of the UK for winter, we went off to explore.

Abu Dhabi, and nearby Dubai has a number of things for tourists to do; from getting out into the desert, to the countless Malls, to the cultural sights.

Walking into the city, with my sister in Abu Dhabi


For the most part, we went in and out of the Malls, seeking some air conditioning; Asia was warm, but Abu Dhabi was a different kind of warm.

If you happen to be keen on seeing a bit of the culture, rather than shopping; a visit to Sheikh Zayed, or the Grand Mosque is worth it (and it is FREE). You can get local (public buses there cheaply), or join a sightseeing tour bus, which will drop you off there, or it is walkable (but in the heat, not so cool)

Here is a short photo essay from my time there:

The sun setting at the Sheikh Zayed (Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi)


Dressed for my entry into the Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi
Dressed for my entry into the Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi


The Grand Mosque, from the main courtyard




After sundown at The Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi


Tips for visiting the Grand Mosque 


  • Cover up (as in most Islamic countries, cover your shoulders and legs). You will be given clothing to wear when you get there.
  • Don’t sit on the floor of the mosque (either in or outside)
  • Always make sure you head is covered, out of a mark of respect
  • Although this is a tourist destination, it is also a place of worship for Muslims, so respect those going their to pray.

 Note – Opening Times as stated online: Saturday-Thursday 9am-10pm 


There are scheduled walk around tours, for free, if you want to get a history on the building, during your visit.

The Grand Mosque, is a beautiful building, and worth a visit, even if you are short on time.

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