Travel review of 2013

At the end of last year, I counted up all of the flights I had been on, the airlines, airports, cities and countires, and I was quite impressed; 2012 was a big travel year for me. I set off on my adventure of moving to a new country. I visited two other new countries and ticked off a lot off my bucket list.

2013 was less of a major travel year for me. Having decided to stay in New Zealand for a little longer, as I honestly did not have the money to go elsewhere, and I thought that getting a residency visa for New Zealand would prove to work out a bit better for the future. I don’t think this will be the case however, it will take me a further two years and 10 months to become a permanent resident, and I think that I have got a lot more travel in me to wait around in one country.

Here are my travel stats for 2013:


7 different airlines – Air New Zealand, Asiana Airlines, Easyjet, Emirates, Flybe, Jetstar and Virgin Australia.

(So far, for a domestic flight, I think Air New Zealand tops my list, and Emirates wins this year for long haul flight).


I managed to get to quite a few airports in one year (some I had never been to, even in the UK).

I got to 12 different airports this year:

Auckland, New Zealand (domestic)

Belfast City (George Best) airport, UK

Belfast international aiport, UK

Christchurch (domestic and international), New Zealand

East midlands airport, UK

Hobart, Australia (domestic)

Incheon airport, South Korea (international)

London Heathrow, UK

London Luton, UK

Melbourne (international and domestic), Australia

Nelson, New Zealand (domestic)

Sydney, Australia (international)


This year I have been in four different countries – only one being new

South Korea. This country opened my eyes to the possibility of exploring Asia. It was so different, so vibrant and busy.


18 different flights between January and December 2013, 7 of these were within New Zealand.


To my knowledge of counting up, I think I have only been to four new towns/cities – Nelson/Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand, Hobart and Freycinent in Tasmania, and Seoul in South Korea.

Over all, I am feeling quite under travelled. Although I know a lot of my family and friends from back home and even the ones in New Zealand often say ‘gosh, where are you off to now.’ but to me, there is much more exploring to do.

I am hoping that 2014 will be my year for travel. Potentially making plans to go to Asia in the first half of 2014, and hoping to truely live with Life in a rucksack.

I surprised myself with taking only 9.2kg to Australia for Christmas. It is do-able, and getting washing machines, or even buying clothes cheaply is fine. I aim to be a better explorer, as well as blogger in the next year.

Happy New Year everyone. May you keep following your dreams.





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