Travel plans and dreams of 2016

As clocks strike midnight, we gather together with loved ones, send messages of love to others, and say happy new year. The beginning of a new year is often one of contemplation. Reflecting upon where we have come in the past year, and hoping, wishing, dreaming for what is to come in the year ahead.

None of us will know what this year will bring, but we can still dream and hope for the year.

Last year, I finally settled myself for more than 2 months at a time, and ultimately took on a new direction, but I still travelled, and I still intend to this year. My gypsy heart is forever alive in me, and I will roam for as long as my feet will carry me.

This year, I do hope and dream of faraway places as well as a number of local spots. At this stage in the year, I have a number of trips planned, which are to come, and I am excited to be packing my rucksack again, and getting out there to explore.

Where I’m I headed to in 2016?

Luxembourg City


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Luxembourg has been on my sights for a little while now, after a friend of mine moved out there. Added to the fact that it is that little country snuggled in beside Germany, Belgium and France, and is one of the smaller European countries, (although not the smallest – that’ll be the Vatican).

Luxembourg looks so quaint, and as a country is small enough to hopefully explore a decent chunk of. I’ll be staying in the city centre, and hoping to taken as much of the culture as I can, in just one weekend.


Borovets, Bulgaria 


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I used to think that skiing and snowboarding, were for the more elite in society; those with plenty of money. However, when I learnt to snowboard in New Zealand, I really enjoyed it, and realised that it doesn’t have to be expensive.

So at the end of this month, I’ll be taking myself off to one of most affordable skiing areas in Europe for 4 days. I most certianly will not look like the person in this picture. In fact, I’ll be quite rusty, so considering getting some lessons again.

I am hoping to come back with all my limbs intact!




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Brazil is a huge country, and possibly bigger than I expected. I have yet to land my feet down on South American soil, so this is a highly anticipated destination. I will be flying into Rio in March, and will have 10 days; travelling with a friend.

I have yet to plan this trip, apart from flights booked, but there is a calling to the rainforest, as well as the the Iguazu falls, but alas, there will not be enough time for both. Follow my travels via my social media channels to see where we decide to get to.

Barvaria, Germany


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I have been to Germany a few times before, both Berlin and Dussledorf, but never to the South of the country. At the end of last year, I entered a competition through the amazing travel site – travelettes, and WON! (I never win anything). The prize was a two night stay at an amazing hotel in Barvaria – think The Sound of Music imagery, from your very own suite. Yes, I will very much enjoy a proper chill out time here.

Salzburg, Austria


[Photo credit]

My first visit to Austria, can only be described as a flying, and rather unplanned (as usual) one. I had 7 hours in the city of Vienna, so can hardly say I have travelled in Austria properly.

After my little jaunt to Barvaria, I am heading into Salzburg, as it is only a 30 minute journey away, and it would be rude not to. It looks magnificant!

 The Isle of Wight, England


In May, I plan to take on the Isle of Wight challenge, with some of the team from work. It is a 100km wak around the entire island, in a 24 or 36 hour period (we are aiming to walk for 24 hours). Some people run this – nutters!

I have never been to the Isle of Wight, so I am looking forward to getting there – even if I’ll be exhasuted at the end of it. It’ll be worth it.

What are my travel dreams for the rest of 2016?

Not content with having just one trip planned, I am continually thinking about the next one and the next one. Here are some other countries on my list (possibly for 2016)

The Netherlands


[Photo credit]

Many of my friends have hopped over to Amsterdam, for a cheeky weekend, and have wandered why I have not followed suit. Truth be told – Amsterdam does not interest me. What does interest me, is the real Netherlands. I’m longing to see a field of tulips like this.



[Photo credit]

When I lived in New Zealand, I got friendly with a girl from Poland. It is a country I have yet to visit. She now lives in Krakow, which now gives me an excuse to get there.



[Photo credit]

Just today, I read an artilce by the Lonley Planent, on the most anticipated destinations of 2016, and there was a stunning picture of Albania on it.

Albania was never a country I had thought of, but seriously check our those mountains, in the backdrop of that lake – blissful.


Where are you heading to in 2016? Go on and inspire me even more, with a comment below


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