Top 5 Places to Tour When Backpacking in Tasmania

Tasmania in its isolation from the Australian mainland remains one of those parts of the country where some working holiday visa holders always seem to miss out on. Arguably, this is the best part of Australia. Cooler climates, more wilderness and some ridiculously cool sights to check out make Tasmania a backpacker’s dream.


Arrival into Tasmania is often by the famous “Spirit of Tasmania” ferry from Melbourne to Devonport, but flights to Hobartare also reasonable prices.These are the top 5 places to tour when backpacking in Tasmania.


1.The Nut at Stanley
The Nut is incredible, it’s a hill formed by a volcanic reaction many years ago and it sits high on the north coast of Tasmania. Just underneath the Nut sits the village of Stanley. The climb to the top is brilliant and it offers good views. The town itself can also be a viewing place for penguins in the winter months.

2.West Coast Wilderness Railway
The incredible journey across Tasmania’s coolest railway track is one you will never forget. Starting off in Queenstown, the train raises itself to the famous Rinadeena station (the highest train station on the island) before making a descent via a honey farm all the way to charming Strahan. Also on route you can hunt for gold in the village of Lynchford.

3.Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake
For hiking experts, the overland hike to Cradle Mountain is highly recommended. This mountain has a twin jagged peak and sits loftily above the pretty Dove Lake. For those not keen to hike high up, you can circle the lake on the lower ground and check out wildlife and natural trails along the way.

4.Bruny Island
Imagine going to an island (Australia) and then getting a boat to a smaller island (Tasmania) and then getting an even smaller boat to an even smaller island (Bruny Island). That’s exactly what you should do if you want to tour Bruny Island. There are some really notable sights here – Cape Bruny’s lighthouse is one of the southernmost lighthouses to be constantly manned, here they have Australia’s southernmost pub and you can the rare white wallabies if you know where to spot them. This is a dream spot for any backpacker.

5.Wineglass Bay

It might be textbook photography to get your phot taken over looking Wineglass Bay with a glass of wine in your hand, but everyone does it anyway. Hiking to the top of Mount Amos is a good idea to get the best viewpoint. But you can also visit Wineglass Bay itself on a short trail, and go for a swim in the cool blue waters here.

I hope these tips help when you go backpacking in Tasmania, and I haven’t even mentioned Tasmanian Devils, or the cities Hobart, Launceston or Devonport yet!


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