The challenges that come with being a freelance photographer

If you love photography and it’s something that you’ve spent your spare time doing for a long time now, you might want to turn it into a career. Freelance photographers enjoy freedom to do what they want and to take photos of anything they like, as long as they feel confident of being able to monetize those photos. But there are some challenges that come with working as a freelance photographer and you should understand them before you get started as one.

You Have to be Your Own Harshest Critic

When you’re a freelancer, you always have to be your own harshest critic. The people around you are probably not going to be harsh on you because they want to be supportive, and that’s great. But it means that you need to keep pushing yourself and making sure that you don’t allow yourself to rest easy because that doesn’t lead to freelance success.


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Your Income Might be Up and Down a Lot

Income as a freelancer is never reliable. You rarely have a steady or reliable income and that’s just something that you have to get used to. Your income will be up and down all the time and you’ll need to simply deal with that and make the most of it, while finding ways to balance and maximize your income along the way.

Having to Rely on Tech So Heavily

You will always be at the behest of technology when you work as a photographer. If something goes wrong with your laptop or your camera, you’ll be in a spot of trouble. Head to if you want to learn about Mac troubleshooting. And find a camera repair person who you feel you can trust.

Getting Rejected is Tough

When you send your photos to publishers or galleries or wherever, you’re going to be rejected quite a lot at first. That’s just the nature of working as a freelance photographer. There’s no getting around it and not much you can do about it. Rejection is tough and many people find it difficult to deal with, but you’ll have to deal with it if you want to work as a freelancer.

There’s a Lot of Tough Competition Out There

There’s plenty of tough competition for you to contend with when you’re working as a freelance photographer. You might never be the very best and you’ll have to come to terms with that. Instead, use it as motivation to keep improving and striving for better things in your freelance career. Competition can be great for spurring you on.

Freelance photography, like just about every freelance career, is challenging. You need to be motivated and sure that this is what you want to do. If you’re not, it’ll only be a matter of time before you give up and throw in the towel, and that’s obviously not what you want. But if you approach it correctly, it can be the most rewarding career out there.

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