Sao Bento, Porto: The most beautiful train station in the World

The buildings in Porto are just magnificent, and are literally around every corner, you will be able to gasp in awe at the colourful mosaic facades.

The Church of Our Lady of the Carmelites Carmelite Church, Porto (greja da Nossa Senhora das Carmelitas Igreja do Carmo)

However, the buildings aren’t limited to being beautiful on the outside, there are some that are just as incredible on the inside too.

One such building is Sao Bento, one of the main train stations in Porto, Portugal. Although quite a busy station, I would be more than happy to have to travel through here each day.

The departures board at Sao Bento station in Porto, Portugal

Having already been to see the wonderful Grand Central Station in New York; I’d argue that Sao Bento station in Porto is probably the most beautiful train station in the World – do you agree?



Where is Sao Bento Station?


Like most main train stations, Sao Bento is very central to main tourist attractions, and hotels. It can be found here:

There is also a metro station attached to this, which goes across the impressive Dom Luis bridge.

Sao Bento metro station, Porto
Sao Bento metro station, Porto

Have you been to any impressive looking train stations or transport buildings?

I am putting this one down as the most beautiful in the World. 

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