On the Road Again: Tips to Planning the Perfect Road Trip

Though there are plenty of ways to travel, there’s something about being out on the open road that makes the experience more special. Often regarded as something suited for families, road trips can actually be a great way for individuals of any age to see sights unknown and create adventure. If this is your first time hitting the road, you should know that the planning process involves a few more steps than if you were flying.

Without further ado, here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure your excursion is not only fun but safe.

Where Do You Want to Go?

Like planning any trip, the first step to planning a road trip is to determine where you’ll go. The difference here, however, is since you’re responsible for transportation, you should travel a distance in which you’re comfortable driving. Choose a distance or time frame. If you’re new to long-distance driving, you might stick to something less than 6 hours away. However, if you’ve done your share of long trips, then you can select something further away.

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Which Route Will You Take?

There are usually several ways to travel by car and reach your destination, however, all routes are not created equally. Whether you have a GPS in the car or not, it is imperative that you have an idea of at least one or two alternate routes you can take should there be an issue with the main route. As you map out which way you’ll go, think about attractions or destinations you’d like to see along the way and find highways that connect them. You should also consider things like routes with tolls and your traveling time as some areas are known for hectic traffic during peak hours of the day.

Don’t Forget Pit Stops

The whole idea of traveling by car is so you can see the areas you’re passing by. If you’re going to be going through an area that is especially attractive for tourists or that you’ve been dying to see, don’t be afraid to schedule a pit stop. It gives you a chance to rest from driving and take tons of cool pictures. Look for museums, restaurants, or other attractions along your route so that your road trip doesn’t become boring or mundane.

Build an Epic Playlist

Whether you’re traveling with friends and family or going it alone, there are going to be a lot of stale or silent periods as you ride along. To break up the silence and add some excitement to your adventure, it is imperative that you build one epic playlist. Start a few days in advance and upload some of your favorite songs from old-time classics to current trendy songs to keep you alert and entertained along the way.

Pack Smart

You’re going to be spending quite a bit of time in your car so it is imperative that you pack wisely. Outside of making sure you have the proper attire for once you arrive at your final destination, you’ll also want to pack things like a car charger for your mobile device, snacks to keep you full in between rest stops, and emergency car products like a air compressor for a flat tire or jumper cables should your battery die.

Get the Car Serviced

You have your route, you know where you’re going to stop, you’ve packed your belongings, and you have the perfect playlist to keep you occupied. All that’s left to do is have your vehicle serviced. Unless you’re taking a rental you’ll want to make sure your car is up to par and can safely make it to and from where you want to go. Make sure you alert your mechanic that you’re traveling long-distance so they can check your fluids and filters properly.

Planning a road trip has a few more steps than planning a traditional dream vacation. A bit different than booking a flight, you’ll need to make sure that you’re prepared to be in your car for several hours at a time. Fortunately, if you stick to these above-mentioned tips, you should have no problem traveling near or far to explore the world unknown.





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