On the edge of three countries at Marco das Três Fronteiras, Argentina

There is something rather exciting about getting to cross a land border on foot; it feels like a massive step to take from one country to another, were in reality it is really not.

When visiting the Iguacu Falls in Brazil lately, I got the chance to stand in one country, and peer out to two other countries.

The three border landmark, as it is unofficially known as the three border landmark, by tour operators in the area, but offically recognised as ‘Marco das Três Fronteiras’ (translated, this means triple frontier), and it is located in Argentina

Where is the Marco das Três Fronteiras?

Getting to the Marco das Três Fronteiras can be done independently, and so if you are crossing over from Brazil to Argentina from the Iguacu Falls, you’ll pass it on the way.


Otherwise, tours from the Brazil side of the falls, to the Argentinian side of the falls, will often stop there for a photo opportunity, which it what I got to do.

The tourist shops at the three frontiers monument
The tourist shops at the Marco das Três Fronteiras in Argentina


As you get off the bus, there will be a number of other tourists around (which is sad, but fact of what tourism does to a country), you’ll see a large cone like structure (monument) with an Argentinian flag painted on it.

The Marco das Três Fronteiras in Argentina

There are a small group of fountains, then railings all the way around. To the right hand side of the monument is Brazil, and to the left is Paraguay, and if you look close enough, you will see a small monument on each of those sides, with their respective flags.

Paraguay, as viewed from Marco das Três Fronteiras in Argentina
Paraguay, as viewed from Marco das Três Fronteiras in Argentina

The Parana River that flows through these three countries, reminded me a lot of taking a trip along the Mekong river in Laos – that lovely chocolate brown colour.

Brazil, as viewed from the Marco das Três Fronteiras in Argentina
Brazil (to the right), as viewed from the Marco das Três Fronteiras in Argentina

This was the first time I set foot into Argentina. I only spent 1 day in the country, and so will be making it a priority to return one day soon.

I took a short video, but please excuse my tired face, this was day 4 of my trip, and I was still feeling pretty jaded!



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