Melbourne from above: Eureka Skydeck

There is something quite magical about viewing a city from above. Watching the hustle and bustle, seeing the lights, the people and cars fly by. Wondering what’s going on down there.

Federation Square, Melbourne, December 2013

(At the viewing deck of Eureka Skydeck)Many cities these days have viewing platforms on the top of big buildings, and I’ve been to quite a few – The Sears Tower in Chicago, (now known as The Willis Tower).

The Sky Tower in Auckland.


The Seoul Tower in Seoul, South Korea and now the Skydeck in Melbourne.

Melbourne’s skyline is dominated by skyscrapers, taking up the spaces along the Yarra River. One of these skyscrapers is the Eureka Skydeck, 89 floors with a huge an antenna at the top, and a glass platform jutting out (known as the edge experience).


On my last visit to Melbourne, I ventured up to check out the views during the day. It was pretty amazing .. you could see most of the city.

This year, on our last night of exploring Melbourne and because it was included with our ticket for the Neighbours Tour, we went up to see it in the evening. The usual cost to get up to view Melbourne from above is $18.50 and $12 if you want to get out of the edge platform (additional costs are there for photos!)

It was packed out, being the 3rd of January, it appeared that most of the visitors to Melbourne were out.

It was such a calm and beautiful night. We watched the sun set an the city lights coming to life. I could have stayed up there all night.


I love seeing a city from a high point, you are removed from the busy streets, and can really get an appreciation of the city and country you’re in.



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