Life in Christchurch

It’s been a wee while since I updated, so here you go! It’s been 66 days since I landed in Christchurch! Doesn’t seem like a long time, but I am starting to feel quite settled and this life has become normal!

That said … All going well here. We are into March and the weather has well and truely turned into autumn, with summer weather appearing as and when it feels like it! Most mornings are quite chilly, but it heats up to 18 degrees mostly!

Still not winning with my age and looking it! I was in the supermarket the other night, trying to purchase a bottle of wine. So normally I am well prepared with my ID .. It’s the first thing I give over after the “hi, how are you” bit. This time, before getting to the hello bit, the checkout assistant looked at me, then the wine, pointed to it and asked if it was mine. I said yes. She rang her supervisor bell, then starting scanning my other items. I enquired as to whether she wanted to see my ID, she declined and said she’d wait for the supervisor!

All items scanned, no sign of the supervisor .. Long queue forming (it was 9pm, so limited checkouts open) when the supervisor appeared, she asked for the ID, and
Promptly stated “I can’t accept an overseas driving licence, we have no proof of it bring legimate!” she then asked me if I had my passport … Like who carries a passport to a supermarket? Overseas people who look 17 clearly should!

So I returned the next evening with my passport! There apparently is an identity card that overseas people can get, which is accepted here! Must invest in that.

No other real craic, as I said settling in well! Found a new running route, and not getting as lost anymore. The bus system isn’t as easy to use, but that will develop.

Tomorrow we (flat mates and I) are going across to the west coast to the wild foods festival in hokitika. The stalls look colourful .., I think that’s the best way to describe it! They sell, Along with the usual Huhu grubs and white bait fritters that Ive heard so much about! They sell horse protein shots, kangaroos bites, crocodile and sheep brains! 

I have to try a white bait fritter and Huhu grub. We are camping and have pork sausages for the BBQ, so I won’t starve.

No other major trips at this stage, Dunedin at the end of April. Looking into Queenstown soon ish. I created a wee bucket list on an app … It’s amazing, you can enter a time you wish to complete it in. One of my items is to set foot in all 7 continents by the time I am 30. 4.5 years to achieve that. 🙂 I’ve lived in 2 so far and travelled to 4. The Antarctica may be a toughie!

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